Wednesday, August 31, 2011


YOU ASKED FOR MORE, but are you sure that I haven't posted these before? I'm honored and just wish I could discipline myself to start a Manor sketchbook, but even when I try, sitting with a new sketchbook and my art supplies, nothing comes out of the pencil, pen or brush. I'm stuck.

This was the first thing I tried on one of our road trips and I'll admit that in spite of its simplicity, I was pleased with it. Shortly after, I began keeping travel journals when we went places. And you know the story; sketching took the place of smoking to keep my hands busy and my mind focused.

I no longer have the original for on a foolish whim, I gave it to a lady who was a master at watercolor portraits. I remember her puzzled look when I handed it to her, but it was too late to ask for it back.

I carried a sketchbook into which I pasted a quotation about sketching, something to point to if anyone peered over my shoulder.

On our trips, when we procured a motel and carried in our luggage, Mr. Bob usually flopped onto the bed for a nap and I busied myself sketching him.

My guess is that the quotation on the book may be unreadable, so here it is:
"By definition, a sketch is something 
a little less than finished, and is first 
and foremost a personal activity. 
It has to be valued for what it conveys
 to the originator rather than being judged 
by formal artistic standards.
It's rather like writing yourself
a note in your own handwriting ....
it might be unintelligible to anyone else 
but it does what you intend it to do and
that's all that matters. In the same way,
a sketch can be a reflection of
your personality, attitude and
circumstances and a visual
interpretation of your imagination.

                         -John Marsh-
                        "Sketching Street Scenes"

And if you've seen this all before, that's why I titled it as deja vu.


  1. More! I want to see more of your art! You are SO GOOD! Love, Shelley

  2. Oh, these are great! I love that you've captured Bob so often in these touching sketches! Wonderful!

  3. Susan H writes: I wish you still painted!

  4. Your sketching is as good as your writing!!! Not fair! I really DO LIKE IT. As one who tried and lost out to too little talent I salute you.


  5. Your watercolors are---an invitation to imagine the rest of the scene, the person you have introduced, the food on the table, the view out the window, the landscape.... I think that IS the hypnotic attraction----you let us peek and we can imagine as we please!

    Keep those colors at hand!

    YOU are my favorite watercolorist, Dear Jane!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the moments in your life with us...your devoted readers. I especially love the "at rest" sketches of Mr. Bob. It is a blessing that he has been able to take these naps. There are so many times when I wish I could do the same, but alas, I seem have to inherited my mother's "Keep busy" gene. T.O.Joanne