Monday, April 16, 2012

Robert M. Humphrey Memorial

Robert M. Humphrey, born December 24, 1927 completed his journey on earth April 12, 2012. 

He was surrounded by his family; his wife of 58 years, Jane Humphrey and his 3 children, Christopher, Susan and Tim Humphrey. 

Robert leaves one of five siblings, Margaret Cozakos, and three grandsons, Ryan M. Humphrey, Justin D. Humphrey and Owen H. Humphrey.
A Memorial will be held in his honor on Saturday April 28th 2 PM

Windsor Manor
1230 E. Windsor Road
Glendale, California 

Reception to follow.

Mr. Bob touched many lives - All are encouraged to join us in honoring him.


  1. the room will overflow with those of us there in spirit to honor Mr. Bob.
    denise f in c'ville, va

    1. indeed...
      i'm trying to figure out a plan to get myself there....

  2. Unfortunately, I will have to join with Denise F and all the others who will be there in spirit to say our final goodbyes to Mr. Bob....However, we can never really say a last goodbye because we will all remember him with such fondness and yes, even love, even though we were not "close" friends with him and Jane. He made an imprint on the memories of all who knew was our privilege to have his acquaintance. We are leaving tomorrow for our 2nd home in San Juan Islands, Washington so will not be here. I am really sad that I will not be there because I really wanted to meet the Humphrey "Kids"
    in person, not just in Jane's musings,and give Jane a big hug. But I know her shoulders will be sore with all the hugs she will be given. I do hope there will be a posting on the blog with some photos or thoughts on the memorial. It will help those of us who cannot be there in person. He WILL be missed. With much love and prayers for you all....rusti van rooy

  3. I am there in spirit for all ! A Non Y Mouse LaVona

  4. I have thought of you all daily. What a nice photo of Bob here. I, too, will be with you all in spirit. He was such a pleasant man, and I am happy that I got to meet him, and know him some, through both flickr and your blogging. He will forever remain in my thoughts and his spirit will live on through all of us. RIP, Mr. Bob.

  5. Farewell Bob. Meet you on the other side.

  6. I sure hope i can come...I have so many things on my calender including a memorial on the 21 and 29th.
    Bob joins the two other giants i have known who passed. God bless them all.. Bob was a special special man.

  7. I'll be there. Neighbor Jeanne

  8. I will be there with joy in my heart for having met such a special man. T.O.Joanne

  9. What a wonderful picture of Mr. Bob. I must say I got so used to seeing him napping or running pushing a shopping cart or in some very funny situation and allowing Jane to snap his picture. What a good sport...they both were.

    Mr. Bob always reminded me of Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame. Oh how I wish we had a video or two of Mr. Bob and Jane....that would have been the icing on the cake.

    Most of us never got a chance to meet Bob...but through the wonderful photos and stories to go with each shot....Jane took us along and invited us in on the adventure of a lifetime...

    Life With The Humphrey Family....

    Sometimes it was sad, sometimes it was fun to go shopping and not have to spend any money, sometimes we had the most delicious meals..through the pictures and terrific friendships at those dinner parties but most of all...we had laughter and love.

    To be able to enjoy life together...through thick and through thin....through out of through in...Bob and Jane did that and did it so well.

    I can think of no better example of what a "GREAT" marriage should be and was. Sure...we all squabble and make sour faces at each other from time to time, but this unique union was one of a kind.

    They took us on a journey. A journey that showed us what life and love was all about. The journey that showed us what having great friendships and above all...TERRIFIC CHILDREN....and more than that...EACH the end, is what a wonderful life is all about.

    Mr. Bob will live on my heart. Thanks to the wonderful "story" of his life that his wonderful wife, Jane, has shared with us. The story..complete with the most terrific pictures anyone could ever ask to view. We had the privilege of being invited in...and what a wonderful time we had being "part of the family"...

    THANK YOU....from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you all.

  10. Unfortunately, time & distance will prevent us from attending from this side of the 'pond'.
    Our thoughts will be with you however and I will be wearing a Reyn Spooner shirt that day in celebration of Bob's life.
    The Dorsettlers

  11. My heart aches for you all, he had such a strong personality to make such an impression in one short meeting. Dear Jane and family you are in our thoughts.
    Pauline, Peter, Maureen, Mick, Marlene and John from across the pond. xx

  12. 'Thinking of you, Jane, and of your family. I--we all--look forward to hearing from you again.

    'So many adjustments big and small, and such a sea change for everyone. I wish you all as much love and comfort as you can feel now.

    I miss you.



  13. Jane,
    I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Bob, we just heard yesterday.
    It was a treasure to seeing him at bookclub and he always had my back.
    Both Robin and I wish you the best with all your own health challenges as well.
    More words to say, but they are not flowing...we wish you peace....


  14. I'll be thinking of you all.....and be with you in spirit.

    God Bless and hope you're all doing as well as can be expected.

  15. You were blessed i know today and i soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wish i could have been there. My spirit is with you and my place at your table of 12 will be in my heart forever and ever. Bob was and is one of God's favorites.

  16. The world is a little less bright today. Say hello to Brian for me.