Thursday, July 12, 2012


THE PLAN has been for me to move to what is known as "Assisted Living" when my 100 Medicare days are used up in the Skilled Nursing area. It's an itty-bitty room, presumably all that's needed in one's latter years. True enough, I suppose, but 'twill be a challenge to change my collecting ways. I'm trying to remember how I longed for a gypsy wagon. This could be an answer to that prayer, lacking the wheels.

The day after my Medicare help expired for this particular illness, I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed my itchy rash as a case of the scabies. Thus the quarantine. No more tootling around the Manor halls, calling in at the library or the tea room. It's a form of being grounded or put into what my mother used to refer to as "the scold chair".
Anyone who steps into the room must first don a silly looking yellow gown and pull on gloves. It doesn't much make people want to visit.

Another week must pass before I find out if I can move forward.

Meanwhile, Tim has been helping get Room 30 in order. There are still pictures to be hung. Unless I get rid of some, they will go from floor to ceiling, too much of a muchness. The shop letters have been installed on what I think might be called a soffit, the borrowed hospital bed has been replaced with a Tempur-pedic twin bed and I'm just itching to get in there. 



  1. Oh how I have missed "Manorisms"! I'll be out to see you sometime! Love, Shelley

  2. Dear Jane,

    Scabies! Quarantine! Yuck! Well, perhaps it's a good time to be a reader or spend time iChatting or Skypeing or catching up on movies. This must be the part right before things start to feel a tiny bit lighter. You really are doing so brilliantly and I hope this unfortunate scenario resolves itself soon. Truly, you are amazing.
    Sending warm thoughts,

  3. Susan H writes:The room looks cozy. It's good getting to read Manorisms again. Much easier for me to read them than write them. Glad you are back!

  4. So that's where the bed is going to go. Yay for Tim. Hope you de-scabie soon.


  5. Oh my.... how i wish i could help you move from the old room to the new!!! I too have so missed your posts and constantly wish for your health and wellness. Yikes on the scabies, but in a way, quarantined does not happen to all of us, so u r special! :-)

  6. Well, you are one of those that can tell Old Scratch where to go, Jane!

    As for the gowns -- yellow, I was just reading, is this Summer's fashion color. You are ahead of the curve.

    Fondly from Lynne

  7. Stay srong Babe ! Annon Y Mouse

  8. It's wonderful to see you writing again!


  9. Stacked pictures, of course, recall Gertrude annd Alice.

  10. I love the little glimpse of the "Once Upon A Time" lettering in your room. Makes the magic start to happen and it brings a smile to my heart. The quarantine might be just the thing to make sure you don't try to do to much all at once. Please tell Tim that I send him a gazillion blue ribbons for being so attentive and helpful. You smack those scabies right on their noses and get them back to where ever they came from!!!
    T.O. Joanne

  11. Great surprise to get your post! So glad! It's another step toward the new normal. I hope you are feeling good except for scratching.Glad you have a patio room. Did you garden? Will you? Who knows? You are still on my prayer list.
    Love, neighbor #409

  12. What a sneaky trick to keep you resting!

    Emmaryn says," I hope you get better." Edward is busy galloping through the house on Rosabelle, his bouncy horse----but he would wish you the same!

    It's wonderful to have Manorisms in my mailbox again! I'll take anything I can get from my favorite blogger.

    BE WELL.

    Love, Lisa

    1. How i love that thought. A sneaky trip to keep Jane h. resting....... I too was so happy to have manorisms in my mailbox. It is a lot like having a dear abby type as my very own friend.

  13. It's so nice to hear from you again, Jane. I keep checking for when something might pop up. You look great. Mr. Bob would be so proud, I'm sure. For selfish reasons, we all hope you'll continue writing your blog but you have to do what suits you. One day at a time. Continued progress to you.

  14. Dear itchy woman: we'll take you however you come, scabes and all. Your "voice," is the Jane of old. strong and hopeful and articulate. Keep 'em coming! Marlene