Tuesday, November 8, 2011


THE PAST 24 HOURS have been a bit of a blur. Try to piece some sense out of this.

  • my staples removed by a wonderful doctor (with Susan's help)
  • drainage tubes yanked out (causing my eyes to get big as saucers)
  • Mr. Bob getting weaker and weaker
  • when we hurried him to the doctor's it was discovered he'd lost 9 pounds in less than a week.
  • he's extremely dehydrated
  • at the moment he's being hydrated by IV at the oncologist's
  • Susan's with him
  • I stayed behind for delivery of a La-Z-Boy chair that supposedly will propel me from a sitting position across the room.
  • found i could easily rise without the new feature
  • I'm seated so high that it feels like I'm on a royal throne. Keep your eyes open for a tiara
  • If Mr. Bob's legs are still weak at the end of dehydration, he's to be taken to the ER
  • Thank God for text messaging
  • I may opt to go through life flat on one side.....it's sort of like getting wrinkles.......proof of what you've been through
  • will keep you posted


  1. Mind boggling - I'm with you on the wrinkles - laughing about the chair - and rooting for Mr Bob. You'd look magnificent in a tiara !

  2. what susan said! you make me smile through my wrinkles. there's no one with more grace and courage than you, lady jane.xooxo

  3. I keep admiring you, Jane. And I am worried when I have no news from your home.

  4. Wow- I didn't get this one sent to me! I hope Bob is okay!

  5. I didn't get this one sent to me either, so I had to check in. I hope the two of you are doing ok. Thinking of you both with fondness...xo

  6. Think of the money you will save on bras!
    Love you...

  7. I never saw this either. I love those kinds of chairs. I am thinking Bob is better after the holiday feast pictures. I hope so! did you get your tiara?