Thursday, November 3, 2011


LET'S JUST SAY it wasn't a whole lot of fun, this past phantasmagorical experience of mine. But you all played a large part in helping me get through it and so did our three remarkable offspring. Susan has a huge amount of past nursing experience because Justin has had so many surgeries; Chris, even with his finely tuned sense of humor, is the most serious of the group and his logic is to be listened to. Tim has been close-by and understands the lay of the land and arrived at my bedside the first day with a slender vase holding 2 gerbera flowers and a little box of truffles (which might not have been endorsed, but what a healing thought!)  All of them make me laugh........the best medicine, after all.

Susan was appropriately attired in her "Fight like a girl" shirt complete with the pink ribbon logo. In the past we've not been in the habit of being a highly demonstrative family, but kisses and hugs abounded the past few days, a highly moving experience for a mama.

We kept Mr. Bob away from the hospital and possible germs. While I was in the hospital, he was busy receiving his final chemotherapy treatments. 

Irene, who asked for my
blog address.
Evy, on the
night shift
In my two days there, I had a sort of slideshow of impressions of things that transpired. The staff changed with regularity, rarely with any one member working two days running. Lots of names to learn.

Out of the blue, a customer from long ago appeared with her dog who visits hospital patients. She used to be a guide dog trainer and one summer her son and a dog came to do storytime weekly at our bookshop. So much for "no visitors".

One night I was persuaded to don my robe and shuffle down the hall to a little balcony for a breath of fresh air. I'm swallowing a fair amount of pride to post this picture but it's not nearly as bad as this one:

I hope that lump on my backside is the drain. Doc Martin and I share the condition of hemophobia and catching sight of the drain or the tubing is more than I can tolerate. Hopefully it can be removed (help!) next Monday.

Upon arriving home yesterday, Chris captured an unflattering  shot of his sister and she was brave enough to sanction my posting it. We whisked our way through the halls and up in the elevator, seeing barely a soul........entered the apartment and the first thing I caught sight of was a bunch of tulips.........

tulips from our never-seen friend in Pennsylvania........... thank you, Val!

"We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world."      

                                        Helen Keller


  1. Wow! What a post. I have been nervous about you, waiting to hear how you did. Congratulations on getting through one more scary hurdle. I'm so glad and touched to see your family rallied around you, but not at all surprised. Rest up, and I hope yoou feel better every day. Wonderful, touching photos. Xoxo

  2. Praying for a quick recovery!
    Say Hi to your family for me.
    Love Ya',

  3. Bonjour, bonjour -
    To both of youse guys on the medical track.. each day is a step ahead. Isn't that profound? But I can feel the power of all this healing aura changing the world.. hey, is that too faint praise for the both of you?
    Okay, I'll shut up. As for those kids - not enough can be said. Bravo!
    Now, many of us will rest easier and you sleep it off too. NOW. Bon.

  4. Stiff Upper Lip under a Flabby Chin,Old Gel, good to hear You are on the mend.
    Kind Regards,
    Sheila and Harvey.
    (alias The Wrinklies)

  5. U told me to post a comment and I'm here!!!
    Glad u R back from hospital. enjoy life and take care urself ,you have a lot of reason to do it!!
    Irene Sandoval.

  6. I pumped your daughter Susan right after you came home. So glad it seems sorta ok. I loved the last photo of THAT proves she is a sport!
    Thrilled you are here and Bob is finishing up,

  7. Welcome home, dear lady. Your only job now is to rest, feel a bit better each day and enjoy all the love that surrounds you. I certainly didn't expect you to post an entry this soon! I am sending you warm thoughts of healing.

  8. So glad you are surrounded by the most important people in your life, and that the worst part of the ordeal--the dread and anticipation--is over. Keeping you all in my thought.

  9. I'm so glad you're home, Jane. That you have had all your kids with you has made me so happy for you. I hope each day finds you feeling stronger.

    And I'm glad they did a nice job with the flowers. I like the colors they chose for your Tulips--both cheerful and autumn-like. :)



  10. I had my surgery at the same hospital. Thank you for telling us how well you are doing!
    Praying for you and Bob,

  11. Stay strong Babe ! You are a winner ! Hugs
    A Non Y Mouse LaVona

  12. Oh Jane, Hello again! Good show !!


  13. Thank goodess we're hearing from you. Whew, indeed!

    Yay, Jane. Fight like a girl, fersure.


  14. Would never noticed it had you not brought it to my attention.

  15. I can't belive you went through that only on Monday and here you are posting. You are such a trooper. I looked for you today only to find you already went home. Good Job. Now to take it easy and follow your doctor's orders.
    Love to you and Bob Carol

  16. I can feel the love & laughter too. are home...time to recover and get your strength back! You have a family to be very proud of for sure! Kisses from Oregon!

  17. What a trooper you are. Mr. Bob must be thrilled to have you home. So happy to see you doing well. Your family is so many ways.

  18. So glad the surgery is over! Hope you get well very soon!!!!

  19. Yay! You're home and posting again! I wish I lived closer so I could just pop in and see your robe! haha! Seriously, you've been in my thoughts and prayers constantly! Hugs to everyone! Love, Shelley

  20. Hane,
    You know........
    The Other Frank

  21. Hurry up and heal, Jane. You have a career as a character actress waiting for you! Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are! How charming? I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS!

    So glad to have you home and back on your blog!

    Much love!

  22. It is great to have you back, Jane!
    I am glad to see you have brought your sense of humor with you and not left it in hospital!
    Wonderful pics too!

  23. Jane you are brave. Thank you so much for sharing, especially the photos in your robe...I have always feared one of my children would catch me in mine and take a photo, now I know it would be ok! Take care and keep your good humor. We are all sending you love!

  24. Jane... You really just show us real life...In your bed your in your go home gear with a shot of your daughters backside. This shows me we r lucky to have 5 members of a family who show what coming together is all about.Each has their own way to touch your heart. My family is also not so demonstrative, but as we are aging the younger generation, who is, has shown us how to! I know so man fear this kind of process and feel it would be unbearable. No no no. You have shown us, as i knew u would, that it is all possible with love and humor! (I love a therapy dog was the one to ignore the no visitor statement) So sleep, rest and both Bob and you enjoy this raining day. It is meant for quiet reflection!