Sunday, November 27, 2011


HOW I WISH I had kept a record of our 59 Thanksgivings. Each the same at its core, but with variations on the basic theme. This year it was decided that eating here at the Manor was too good an idea to pass preparation (I love the image of women at church services, hands smelling of onions on the morning of the holiday) and better yet, no clean up. 

Remember 2010 when Roger was recuperating following a lengthy illness and we brought turkey  to the hospital cafeteria? (for the curious amongst you, Fiona is still going strong, but this year chose to go with lady friends to dinner and a movie.)

It was Chef Darin's first Thanksgiving at the Manor and along with oven roasted bird, he offered deep fried turkey which unanimously we voted the "best turkey we'd ever eaten". The rest of the feast was quite traditional. Good, good, good.

Roger and Mr. Bob wore their Reyn Spooner holiday shirts, dated 2008, Roger's with a darker background than Mr. Bob's, but the same design. 

After dinner we repaired to Diane and Roger's beautiful home for pumpkin pie and to decorate their Christmas tree, using the fairytale ornaments that Diane bought at our "estate sale", finding them under a pile of junk. 

It's a good thing to see them used properly. Most years, after the kids were grown and gone, we didn't put up a tree and when we did, only a few of the fairytale ornaments found their way to the limbs along with our other baubles. Diane knows how to do it right and her tree was a marvel to behold.

Tim's height helped to place the messenger of God at the tiptop where angels belong and voila!

Let Christmas begin!

"The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!"
                    ~ Charles S. Barnard


  1. Great Great Great You tell so well ! A Non Y Mouse

  2. This makes me get very teary matter what the circumstance or condition....your family is just that..


    They don't have to be blood relatives, as sometimes friends can love you more than family does.

    What a beautiful sight and the food smells terrific in how you've described it to us...down to the onion hands I can imagine that you used to smell.

    Roger and Diane have always been right on top in your friend list and oh how I love Tim's shoes.

    Diane sure does know how to display your beautiful ornaments and I'm so glad she's the one who got them from your sale. They were there just waiting for her to come.

    I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. I hate seeing you two get sick and almost at the same time to boot..BUT..there's just something different about both of you.

    I think God has blessed your love to us and for each other and made it even stronger. What do you think ?

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Jane. It sure is good to have you back.


  3. I'm so glad you were able to celebrate some and relax a bit--both of you! Happy Holidays!

  4. Another wonderful post that helps to push me into the Christmas spirit. I wasn't at all ready for it, but yesterday I pulled out the Christmas ornaments we had grown up with and hung them on our dining room chandelier. Voila. Past and present. The holidays are about both making and remembering special moments. Wishes for more of those this year. XO

  5. It's been a challenging year for you both. I'm glad to see you enjoying the holiday, and looking very beautiful too, I might add!

  6. Bonjour
    Bravo! I always thought is was the elves who did the tree!

  7. Lovely! All of it! Merry Christmas! Shelley

  8. susan h writes: It reminds me of one of the Descanso Garden Christmas trees. I remember Once Upon A Time had a tree displayed at their annual tree event. Oh the stress it caused. This looks like it was enjoyable! Love Tim's saddle shoes! And the matching Dad and Rodger shirts. Merry Christmas!

  9. Stuff the stuffing and start the decorating! Christmas now comes in November! Your holiday was full of charm and warmth! Thanks for sharing it.

  10. That's quite a tree!

  11. I'm getting a tree soon and my decor is like that pile of junk under which was found the treasure shown. Any surprises left for me? Want to help decorate it? My theory is all christmas trees are beautiful, so no need of much stuff!