Sunday, February 5, 2012


I SUSPECT ONE DOESN'T talk about diuretics in mixed company, but let me tell you that what's been prescribed to fix my edema is taking more out of me than fluid. I'm weak as a kitten, dizzy when standing, eyesight is would almost wonder if I'm on my way out.

So yesterday when Bob's family came to visit and I wasn't at all sure I could maneuver myself downstairs (our apartment is small for 7 people), dear Tim brought up a wheelchair and zipped me down the halls at an alarming rate, not proper behavior for a retirement home, but exhilarating, nonetheless.

Mr. Bob's sister was visiting from the San Francisco peninsula and the nieces and a husband brought her to see us. Margaret and Bob are the surviving members of 6 siblings. They were the only ones with red hair. You have to take my word for it in Mr. Bob's case, because he's turned all silvery with age, but he used to go by the nickname of "Red" at work.

I so hoped for a red haired child, but it never showed up until Susan's daughter's flaming red hair. 

We sat in the Tea Room and visited and reminisced and drank coffee and tea, nibbled pastries and soon the afternoon was gone.

There was a party of 3 other ladies in the room.........3 generations and the youngest offered to take our group picture. In the course of the conversation, it turned out that the mother knew and loved our bookshop in Montrose which always warms my heart......she was one who "felt" the place.......not everyone did. For some it was a place to shop. Others felt the spirituality of the operation. I contend that I was simply a vehicle through which an idea expressed.

We took this opportunity to snap the siblings. Margaret is Mr. Bob's "big sister", being 3 years older than he. The Humphreys are energetic people and chafe at the idea of having to slow down with age. I don't know how they tolerate my slower pace (remember Bob's admonition, "Hurry every chance you get!"), but they seem to accept my plodding.

I don't believe the accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings. Gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.


  1. Great story Babe ! Nice photos too " )
    A Non Y Mouse

  2. Really wonderful photos: you all look great. Especially considering all you two have been through, you look marvelous.

  3. That's a family photo to be cherished!

  4. Husband, Bill's, pet peeve is people who use the word "siblings" to refer to ones brothers and sisters....I always thought it was because of our age that and it is a term that came into use in the 60's....but now I see that perhaps unconsciously he resented the lack of feeling that that word connotes. All these years I have been sort of critical of him for commenting when people use that word....all the while I should have been commending him.....shame on me....rusti

  5. Thank you for posting that quote from Maya Angelou - it is helping me right now :-)

  6. It was a lovely afternoon! Love, Shelley

  7. Susan H writes: I feel homesick. Wish I lived closer to everyone!

  8. I'm so glad for this visit and this post.

    Somehow everything just seems to fall into place.

    How is everyone doing ? Think about you, Jane, and everyone....CONSTANTLY.

    With love...