Thursday, February 2, 2012


What brave and honorable people the Japanese are to have produced this emotional thank-you for the international assistance extended to their suffering country.

 Didn't hear of lot of outcry from the people of Japan following this tragedy.  Pretty classy people to put this out.  Worth viewing.  Never heard of any country doing this.......

  A ‘Thank you’ from Japan ……

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  1. Wow. This just made me cry. So moving. Thanks for sharing that, Jane.

  2. Wow....that was so moving........thank you so much for sharing Jane! My sister in law is Japanese. Her family lived away from the tragedy, but everyone knew someone who was killed of lost at sea.

  3. Bon Soir, mes amis..
    Can't type for sobbing..

  4. Oh my, tears are flowing. That was so amazing that they could and did produce that.
    Thanks, Jane - I'll send it on.

  5. So very touching. I had not seen this... Thanks for sharing. Love, Timi

  6. So glad you sent this to your list....I had received it awhile ago and thougt it was amazing....nice to see a country so thoughtful. Rusti

  7. Dear Jane. Thank you for showing this. You have a compassionate and tender heart. I will send it to others. I love you. Marlene

  8. Very moving and humbling. Thank you for posting this.

  9. My Grand daughter in law Mariko is from Japan. Her brother lost his house but her parents did not. Both men work for the police department so could not come to the states with the mother, sister in-law, and grandchildren after. My family contributed to the family. They are all okay now.
    I received the most beautiful thank you gift in the mail from Marilo's mother shortly after they received the gifts of money. oops, I sent Mariko a check and she purcashed and sent what she knew they needed. Not easy for me.
    A Non Y Mouse