Wednesday, February 1, 2012


IF YOU PLAN CAREFULLY, you don't have to leave the Manor to go shopping. The Manor store is open 2 mornings a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9:30 until 11. The stock is interesting and understandably geared to the geriatric set. I'm much more drawn to the snacks in the lower right than in the assortment of incontinence products at the upper left. I've taken advantage of the instant coffee and peanut butter and am a big consumer of Kleenex products. 

 Martha and Irene were volunteering the day we used our camera. 35 years ago we met Martha on a European cruise arranged by our church, so she's known Tim from the time he was 14 and now enjoys seeing him when he visits at age 49.

They have an efficient system, whereby one writes up the purchases and the other takes the money and bags the items. 

 The selection of cards is good and amazingly reasonable in price. When I started my retail career, greeting cards averaged 25¢ and 35¢ in price and nowadays $2.99 isn't shocking to most folks. The Manor's cards are mostly $1 which makes it affordable to slip one under the door when a resident has a birthday, which is the custom here. Come to think of it, that's a good form of exercise, bending and retrieving on one day of the year.

 I think I cornered the market on one of their selections recently. The front showed a drawing of a cowboy holding a gun and the words "ANOTHER YEAR" and on the inside were the words, "SHOT TO HELL". It struck my funny bone and was good for men to boot.

"We know we're getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it."  ~Author Unknown


  1. The Manor seems to think of everything! Does the little shop have a name?

  2. I think it's called "The Manor Shop" and Ted, I've not noticed cigarettes. For me, at least, it would be too much temptation. Glendale is trying to become a Smoke Free City. I have enough trouble staying away from the chocolate.

  3. Fun ....
    and sure wish i was there to shop!

  4. It sounds like a very lovely place--they do take care of anything you'd need. The people all sound very lovely, too. I'm glad you're in a place that is so nice.

  5. Susan H writes: Ted that was funny. I can remember the days when I would be sent off to the store to buy cigarettes for my folks, 25 cents a pack