Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Susan H writes: Jane and Chris have the gift of taking pictures that invoke both the emotion of the snap shot in time, but also can bring up our own personal feelings and emotions that we are reminded of while looking at a paticular photo. It is an amazing talent. Both of their photos over the years have brought extreme joy, laughter, provoked insight, and yes, sadness. This is a photo Chris took the other day at the Hospital. It speaks volumes.........

Tim and Chris have been taking turns spending the night with Jane. While she was in ICU there were many scary moments, hours. Those moments have seemed to pass, not quite as scary. Jane, while she was still speaking clearly and in sentences; had Tim and Chris come to the bedside and she gave them the, 'Dying Parent', talk and asked them to pass what they were told on to me. She told them, "Even though there is sadness and grief when a parent dies, there is also a sense of freedom, do not feel guilty about that feeling". Oh my, not only is that as uncomfortable as the 'sex talk' it is far more painful, ouch.      

Her health has since improved; although she is not out of the woods.             

Her vitals are as they should be. Her blood sugar is stabilized and can be managed with diet and oral medication. We had no idea chemotherapy could effect blood suger. Our cousin Shelly let us know that her mother Charlene had the same experience and they were equally surprised.

I am  not technical. Jane is far more advanced in technology which amuses me. My brothers are both amazing in the IT area. Justin and I were able to Skype with Jane, that was comforting for all of us.

Tim spent the night last night and texted me, "I just don't know how Chris did it all those nights". Not that Jane is difficult, but the hospital setting, noises, interruptions, helping when needed. Chris helped change sheets, Tim was a one-man-pep squad last night cheering Mom on from the foot of the bed, "Who's our Mama? Mighty Mighty Mama." That is just one of many cheers he belted out, well probably whispered. No pom poms.

I just received great news........she is being discharged from the hospital. A whirlwind of activity. Family taken a little off guard. Windsor is ready for her. She will be in the more intensive health care center. Jane is still working on being able to sit, walk, talk and feed herself.  Wow, it will be nice  she will be home and Mr. Bob will have an easier time visiting. He got his new wheelchair yesterday.  And even though she doesn't like visitors, I think it's because she wants to look nice, I hope she will welcome those that can visit. It will cheer her up and spur her on. A million THANK YOUs to all!!!


  1. Thank you Susan. I saw her return to Windsor, and the brothers were there settling her in. May she sleep now at home and gain strength. Please continue your eloquent, sensitive updates. My love to all of you. Love, faux French aka Sandy.

  2. Oh, your posts are beautiful, Susan. You and your brothers are so loving to your parents; no wonder we all feel as if we know you well...I am still in awe at how much your parents have both had to endure these last few years. It's incredible to me. And I also know how difficult it is to be watching your loved ones endure hardship, too. It's just agonizing. You're all in my thoughts. I hope Jane will allow visitors as well--she has shown such love to so many people for a long time--it's their turn to be on the receiving end, oui?... Th

  3. Thanks for the updates--I hit enter too soon...xo

  4. Thank you Jane. I want to be like you when I grow up.

  5. That rainbow I saw this afternoon must have been for Jane! Her improvement is a million times better than a pot of gold.

    Your entire family is the source of endless admiration. Each of you is an inspiration.

    You do your Mom's blog proud, Susan! To all your clever clan, much love and more rainbows.

  6. Thank you, Susan, for using your time and energy to share this information with those of us who have been eagerly and anxiously waiting to learn how Jane is doing. I understand, now, what your Mom meant when she said what a good writer you are. Thank you for this intimate glimpse into a frightening, harrowing, trying family crisis. I am so glad to know that Jane will be back at the Manor and near to Uncle Bob.

    Lee has been working with a nutritionist who specializes in oncology. When Jane is stable and has more energy, I would be happy to share some of the insights we have been given.
    I agree, Chris is as gifted with capturing images as you and your mother are at narrating them.
    Please give my love to all.

  7. Susan - Thank you so much for your eloquent writing and honest insights and love you share for your family. You are all such an inspiration. Melinda

  8. Thank you so much for the update. She's been in my prayers and will stay....along with Mr. Bob.
    Neighbor #409

  9. Thank you for sharing this, Susan. Yes, all the pictures tell more of the story...and it's wonderful that you and Justin got to visit with Jane on Skype. My prayers go out to each one of you, and hope that Mr. Bob can sleep better now that Jane is nearer. Much love, Jeannie

  10. What a relief to hear from you,Susan...many thanks!


  11. Thank you Susan for this news! I am pleased to hear your mom is doing better. We've all been looking forward to your news and so appreciate you keeping us informed. The photos Chris shares with us help to give us insight into this scary and emotional time, as do your well chosen words. Please keep them coming. Love, Nancy Coler

  12. Thank you for this post, Susan, I'm so glad that Jane is improved enough to return to the Manor - and all three of you - REMEMBER her 'dying parent' talk - she's right ! Give her my love and tell her to keep fighting !

  13. Stay strong Jane and family and friends. Thanks you for keeping us posted. Jane and Bob have been a great part of my internet life. LaVona
    A Non Y Mouse

  14. So glad you are back at the Manor. We are still with you in spirit.
    Susie and Bill

  15. Thanks for the news, Susan, you explain everything so well. It is great to know that Jane is getting better. Please, give her and you all my regards and my love!

  16. Dear Susan, dear Tim and Chris and - most of all - dear Bill,

    Being off at Flickr for a long time, I just read about Jane´s severe illness, and I really feel so sad for her, as I know, what this cancer can do with a woman.
    I even couldn´t speak, as horribly weak as I was. I just write this to you, as I know, Jane is such a strong woman and will manage this situation too. The brain is sooo important! And she has a splendid brain.
    Please, let her hear Mozart or Schubert. I heard Schubert´s Great Symphony, conducted by Masur. And Mozart again and again. It helped me to beam myself off.
    Perhaps Jane may have similar feelings.

    Let me hug my good old friend Jane, let me hug all of you, and give Bill a special hug too, please!


    Linda6769 from Flickr

  17. Thank you, Susan, from the bottom of my heart for your news. We were out of town when your last two blogs arrived and only learned about this new situation yesterday when we returned. I was aghast!!! Had no idea of the downturn.....but so very relieved now with the upturn. Having known Jane and Mr. Bob since the 60's in her first shop I care deeply about them. They have always been such a uplifting and positive influence on all they came in contact with....and always with a twinkle. Thank you for filling in and please know that they are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Please give them my love and hugs....Rusti

  18. Continued prayers and good wishes to the whole family!
    Mary Jo in Vermont

  19. Thats great news, may they both continue to improve in their health,
    Kindest regards,
    Your Friend,s from across the Pond,
    The Wrinklies.

  20. It's wonderful to hear that Aunt Jane is home! I pray that her road to recovery is a straight path. Love and more prayers! Shelley

  21. Thank you Susan for your heartfelt insights. So happy Jane is back at the Manor and is improving. To you, Chris & Tim -- you are all amazing! Glad Mr. Bob will be with his Jane. Hugs, prayers and much love from the present OUAT family.

  22. Susan H writes: I didn't always understand the blog process. Jane has been writing the blog for so many years. Before Manorisms there was an earlier one. I am not recalling the name of it. I have a deep understanding and respect for blogging now. The connection, and shared emotions, love and support. I get it now. Again thanks to all. I begin my travels to Glendale Tuesday morning. I will be with my family in person.

  23. oh my... i have been snowed in at our local mountains. I am real glad to be home to write this message. I will be home late tonight to read all the messages. Thank you Susan for writing....I love hearing how your family brings humor, love and support to Mom.

  24. I read this and I see one thing.....

    A GIFT

    Jane and Mr. Bob have "gifted" their children with the BEST parts of both of them. These three "children" of Jane and Mr. Bob have inherited only the BEST from two terrific parents and it sure does show...especially NOW when times are hard.

    When the table falls, the chairs don't start running.

    These THREE BEAUTIFUL chairs...the Humphrey children....have come running to surround, love and care for the table and hold it up. Not just one table but two at the same time. To be hit by a double whammy and still show nothing but elegance and sheer grace....just shows the strong, determined and BEST possible molds I could ever hope for anyone I love to be made from.

    I am so proud of the three of you....Chris, Tim and Susan.

    Thank you for keeping us updated and for sharing your beautiful writings and pictures with us too. Wonder where these traits come from as well ??? ; )

    PS...I know I'm your age and I shouldn't call you children....but I will call my two children..."my babies" until I take my very last breath on this Earth and they're 27 and 30 years old. : )