Monday, October 31, 2011


(Todays blog is written by Susan Humphrey) 
Today started at the dark morning hour of 4 a.m., reminding me the tiniest bit of leaving on childhood vacations, up before the sun, packed and ready to go – this was a different kind of packed and ready to go. At 5:30 a.m. Jane bid Bob good bye, he isn’t able to be in hospital settings with his compromised immune system due to chemotherapy. Jane climbed in the van, Chris at the wheel and headed to Verdugo Hills Hospital to meet Tim. Mom was very stoic, brave, very few tears, telling us again how supported she felt to have her children together for the first time in over ten years, the incredible amount of love and support from family and friends, even people she has never met.

The night before she had pinched her finger in the new rolling bag bought for her hospital stay – traumatic, big tears, and painful….I think it was more about the hugeness of the day ahead than the actual pinched finger – we comforted her. (What are the odds of one pinching fingers twice in two weeks?)  

In the admitting department the nurse said her entourage of three would not fit in the triage room; she had to pick one of us. I being the one with breasts was chosen. I have never been so proud of my mother as I have been throughout this day!  She answered the zillion questions, many answered with humor others with tears. As the nurse stepped away to use the computer Jane fell asleep un-medicated, but upheld by the love everyone was sending her. 

Dr. Acosta stopped by to explain the procedure and explain she would get through it just fine. She gave him a gentle lecture having heard he rides a motorcycle. Jane was then whisked off away, all three of saying “I love you”. Chris, Tim and I settled in the, “Same Day Surgery” waiting area, texts, emails received from many. A friend of Jane’s from the Once Upon A Time days and now a Verdugo Hills Hospital Volunteer came to visit with us while we waited, (on her day off). Dear friend of many, many years, Diane stopped by to visit bringing separate decorative bags of Halloween treats. Susie H. of the Buena Vista Troop came and visited, we reminisced of living on Buena Vista. Such kindness of folks visiting the ‘waiters’ made the time waiting easier and go by faster than expected.

I stepped outside and missed Dr. Acosta’s report that everything had gone well with the surgery, well enough they placed the port for later chemo use – we would be able to see her in her room shortly. When she arrived, groggy of course, but looking well. Excellent color, tolerating the pain, what a trooper. As she became more alert even her well known humor emerged- so uncomfortable but still able to smile- she ordered lunch, when awake enough to eat she ate her ice cream first – She is is on the road to recovery!

There aren’t the words to describe and express how we as a family have felt supported and loved by so many during these challenging times first with Bob and now with Jane. An immense thank you to all!


  1. Thank you for the update, so glad that Jane is OK, Suzan.

  2. Oh, wonderful! And that someone brought you "waiters" Halloween treats is just awesome. I'm so glad the day went so well for Jane and all of you. Thank you for the update, Susan. :)

  3. thank you Susan for sharing the experience with us for Jane. we care greatly.

    denise f

  4. Susan,
    You are a natural writer ~ I am very glad you are there with your family.
    Lots of White Light and prayers from me to you and your family.

  5. THANK YOU, Susan, for letting us know. I just posted below from your Mother's last post. For some reason, mine had been removed.

    Please give your Mom AND Dad a very gentle hug from me.

    Tell your Mom we should ALL look as good as she looks. What a trooper....

    God Bless and continued prayers coming...

  6. I'm so glad your mom is doing OK! I've been thinking about her constantly! Please let her know that my mom sends her love and I do too!
    Love, Shelley

  7. Hugs to you all! Sending blessings from Oregon! You make us all proud, Jane :)

  8. A marvelous + welcomed posting Susan, as we are all so eager for news. Thank you for your writings and a the photo of Jane so we can see that she is truly looking good! She handles all this much better than she imagined she would I am guessing. Helped by you all by her side and Bob's video chats!

  9. Jane, your spirit shines. I sent a prayer to Heaven for you and your family, and for Bob, to hold you close to him always.

    **Peace to you and yours***

    Modesto, California