Tuesday, January 31, 2012


TODAY WAS MY INFUSION DAY. Out the door by 8, into the chilly morning and then it's just a 3 mile drive to the oncologist's. Flavio, the ever-present drawer of blood was serving jury duty this morning, so I'll have to return next week for that portion of the treatment. 

We're there for over 90 minutes for a 5 minute procedure so I always take something to read. Today I plowed through a waiting room copy of "Vanity Fair" and read a whole, long article on Sarah Palin before checking the date and I found I was reading a 2009 edition. Oh, well. It was a revealing article. Mr. Bob is more than happy to snooze during the time that we're there. 

When my sight blurs from reading, I turn to picture taking and our new iPhone camera has a feature whereby we can turn the lens around and become ashamedly self-centered as seen here...............................

Mr. Bob was being silly one day recently and came up with this self portrait...................

Remember what we said? We'll get through this but we won't ever look the same. Maybe this is what it means.


  1. Word to wise: When going to medical appointment - take a book!


  2. A Non Y Mouse is right ! Ted always takes a book. I take my camera !!

  3. Kudos to you....you are a living testamony to the quote you shared today....you ALWAYS
    find something interesting to write about or catch on film....Such a fun way to live...Rusti

  4. The photos are great. I know that they can divert us from the reality, but they carry a lot of meaning anyway.

  5. You're too funny! And you're an inspiration! Love, Shelley

  6. Didn't your Mother ever warn you to "be careful or your face will freeze like that"!! Evelyn

  7. Funny Evelyn..My mom said that too! Love you and your gadgets and my 365 day book!