Friday, August 3, 2012


Chris and his family arrived yesterday, always a joyful reunion. Admittedly, this photo was taken during a visit in June; I'm still working on how to download photos from my camera and my iPhone on to the computer.

The miraculous part is that the two "boys" managed to connect me to the Internet. I can now blog from my room for the first time in six or seven months.

For months I tested positive for having a urinary tract infection. I promised you the story of my hallucinations. They were more vivid than anything that actually happens in my life. And they continued for some time before we were told that often urinary tract infections can mimic the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or senior dementia.

The  children first noticed  when there was a change in my ability to communicate. I told them, in all seriousness, that I had been shopping for swimwear with Michelle Obama among other ridiculous and impossible claims. My creative imagination wove complicated situations into vivid fantasies.....not especially pleasant ones. Several times I was holed up in an attic in an empty house. Always someone from my real life would figure in the account. Not pretty, I can assure you.

That part's behind me, thank God. And five kinds of antibiotics finally cured the long-lasting UTI, either that or it was the supplement discovered by Tim online. We may never know. Of this I'm sure, though. All those antibiotics set the scene for some nasty rashes and one of the medications caused spots and unbearable itching that were diagnosed and treated as scabies. Five treatments I had, to eradicate the invading itch causing mites.......cream applied from chin to toe and showered off eight hours later. Five treatments with no visible improvement. Anyone who entered my room first had to don a yellow gown and gloves.
The quarantine lasted over two weeks. It was a lonely time.

Susan, in Alaska, came up with the possibility of the prescribed Keflex causing an allergic reaction. Right she was.

We're enjoying Owen and his parents and trying to forget some of our recent episodes.

How I long to tell Mr. Bob some of these stories. All the more reason that the web log must carry on.


  1. Bon soir, Jane
    Congratulations once more! I hadn't heard that your interior infection was finally healed. That was soooo troublesome. Okay - another reason to explain your radiance today. You can share these things with Bob, of course, just send your thoughts skyward (for lack of a specific address). I bet he's still around if only to see you through these recent troubles. Say hi for the rest of us. Good night, again.

  2. Jane....again you've set off thoughts of my own. First of all, having a whopping imagination, at times not a great thing,
    I can say that one of my visions is of myself, older, in the hospital, telling my daughter that the salt is wrong, or that
    the toenail was deciding or whatever. The point is that the interior thoughts move along vividly, with or without an
    audience. And the problem is that I fully see myself taking excerpts from those thoughts and saying them aloud. I KNOW
    this will happen. It does now. I was just in the hospita, having back surgery, and was told later that when asked how I felt,
    I insisted "Proposition 12" was the answer. I always worried that the rabbits had been stolen and that the fish were coming
    toward me. All this....seepage from a busy imagination, which does NOT turn off.

    Last word....all this was enhanced by a reaction to the antibiotic Keflex. Familiar?

  3. So, so, so glad to be enjoying your blogs again. And so, so, so sorry about the physical ailments that have continued to plague you. As for sharing your stories with Uncle Bob...I was long ago introduced to the idea of pennies from heaven being sent our way. Can't tell you how many times they have arrived at a most needed or auspicious moment. I'll share with you some time. In the mean time, be on the look out. XOXO

  4. Only you, Jane, would have hallucinations classy enough and creative enough to include the First Lady. Please keep on bloggin' on!

    With all my love,

  5. The hallucinations are very creative, I'll give you that! I'm glad you won't have to have those invade your world any longer, though--some of them sound like they must have been kind of frightening. Susan sure is smart about health issues. She's had lots of experience...