Wednesday, August 8, 2012


When I went to toss my little notebook pages  full of food recollections, I saw that I left out a few and for my own self in the future I thought I should rectify that. And then we'll give the subject a rest and go on to something else.

Glendale, CA        Hondo's
                 ≈This restaurant no longer exists.
                   It was owned by the man who
                   has several other eating places
                   in the area, The Black Cow, the
                   Star, Jax and Clancy's and a 
                   hamburger place whose name
                   escapes me. At any rate, I used
                   to order enchiladas Suissa there.

Morro Bay, California   Hoppe's Annex
                  ≈Nowadays, Hoppe's is a highly
                    successful restaurant in                        
                    Cayucos and the smaller place
                    in Morro Bay has long been
                    closed. I loved the halibut in
                    lemon beurre blanc. Not usually
                    a fish lover, I made an excep-
                    tion for this.

Memphis, TN   Peabody Hotel cafe
                   ≈Perhaps this eating spot had
                     its own name. Never mind, the
                     mile high cake we had was
                     unforgettable. It gave me an
                     added appreciation for 
                     Southern desserts.

Los Angeles, CA     Tam o' Shanter
                  ≈My daughter, prone to mala-
                    propisms, refers to this as 
                    "Shanty Lanterns". Lots of
                    tasty items on the menu. If you
                    eat in the bar area you can order
                    brisket sandwiches with 
                    homemade potato chips and
                    cole slaw on the side.

Glendale, CA     Panda Inn
                  ≈This is where I first tasted
                     honey walnut shrimp. Many
                     Chinese restaurants have it
                     on their menus. Somehow the
                     idea of mayonnaise in Chinese
                     cuisine is curious, but it works.

La Cañada, CA       Min's Kitchen
                  ≈Often, customers call the 
                     charming owner/hostess by
                     the name of "Min", whereas
                     her name is "Toi". Thirty years
                     ago, she brought us hot & 
                     sour soup one evening when
                     we were keeping the shop 
                     open late in December. What
                     a memorable kindness! Today
                     I'd order her lemon prawns
                     (the sauce is akin to lemon pie
                     filling) and sizzling beef for
                     which she uses ribeye steak.

Westwood, L.A., CA     Bit o' Scotland
                     ≈We used to drive across town
                     to avail ourselves of their fish
                     and chips. Now for that we
                     head to Clancy's in Glendale.
                     I always seem to need extra
                     tartar sauce. It's at Clancy's
                     also that the cedar plank
                     salmon is outstanding.

Carmel, California      La Boheme
                    ≈We enjoyed many a meal here
                       before the owner decided to
                       close. It was a tiny restaurant
                       within which someone de-
                       cided to construct a tiny room
                       where we always hoped to 
                       be seated. Our wish was
                       granted one freezing cold
                       night (truly...many plants
                       up and died that winter) and
                       I remember it for the atmos-
                       phere mostly, but the food was
                       always outstanding.                             
Carmel, CA               EmLe's
                      ≈ Another casualty in the
                       world of restaurants (food
                       places have the highest rate
                       of mortality, followed closely
                       by bookstores.) This was
                       where I first tasted French
                       toast dipped in cornflakes. 
                       At the time it was unusual.
Glendale, CA         Damon's
                    ≈Prime rib, always, and the
                      garlic bread, especially on the
                      nights that the cook has a 
                      heavy hand with the butter.

Verdugo City, CA     El Sol
                    ≈This has to be our favorite
                       Mexican restaurant, owned
                       and operated by Manuel and
                       his wife, Ana. The carnitas
                       is fantastic here along with
                       everything else.

Glendale, CA            Magic Wok
                     ≈Orange chicken every time. I
                        once asked why they didn't 
                        offer honey walnut shrimp,
                        Patrick pointed it out on the
                        lunch menu but it can be 
                        ordered any time.

     Where is Mr. Bob's food? And why does
he look so dour? 'Tis true that he ate to live whereas I live to eat. Darn!



  1. I love all these recollections, Jane. ♥

  2. You matching story to picture??? hooray! Now the next time you see a kid(s) get them to take you to something special for you, and tell us about it! With photos. Emphasis on local discovery (selfish me).


  3. You are wonderful! Great stories! Thank you!

    A Non Y Mouse aka LaVona

  4. Yum!!!! What a perfect way to prepare to celebrate Julia Child's 100th birthday next Wednesday!

    This is great inspiration for remembering delicious meals and restaurants.

    I've had ONE perfect omelette in my life----from the Tuck Box in Carmel. Remembering it is almost as good as eating it!

    Keep writing, Jane! And thanks for the laugh: Shanty Lanterns. LOVE THAT PLACE.