Tuesday, August 7, 2012


IKEA, any old where. Ours is in Burbank.

             ≈I've not been there lately, so I can                    
                  only hope they're still offering
                  Swedish meatballs, potatoes and
                  a dollop of lingonberry sauce.

Arcadia, CA                    Din Tai Fung
                     ≈We always order the juicy 
                        pork dumplings and the 
                        spicy green beans. It's too
                        good to think about changing.
Glendale, CA       Dinah's
                          ≈At a longtime Glendale landmark, you can get a
                            2 piece plate with a side order and a roll with
                            apple butter for under $6.

Glendora, CA      The Donut Man
                          ≈It's a long way to go for a doughnut, but where
                            else can you get such yummy stuff?      

Los Angeles, Tam 'O Shanter
                  ≈There are many
                     reasons to visit    
                     this well-loved
                     restaurant, not
                     the least of which
                     is that they offer
                     a C.C.Brown hot
                     fudge sundae.

Pasadena, CA,   Pie 'N Burger                                
                   ≈In 'N Out burgers may be almost just as good but  
                     you can't end your meal with a slice of pie.
I'm not a fan of French fries usually, but I discovered that if I order them "Medium well", it's a different matter.

Various locations, Beard Papa 
                       ≈Cream puffs, par excellence!

                          Eagle Rock, CA,      Camilo's
≈Too sinful to indulge in mini
pecan waffles very often. I justify ordering them on special occasions such as Mother's Day

Montrose, CA          Divina Cucina
                         ≈Even when spaghetti a la carbonara doesn't
                           show on the menu, most Italian restaurants are
                           willing to put a serving together.

Los Angeles, CA       Pacific Dining Car
                     ≈ Eggs, scrambled with chunks of cream cheese are
                        so much better than plain scrambled eggs. And
                        easy to make at home.

At home....... I've heard this referred to as "toad in the hole", but
that's not what I call it. Cut a hole in the center of a slice of
bread. Drop an egg in it, fry to the doneness you like. Voila!

P.S. This entry has challenged me for hours. When I changed the text to "large" (so you could read it) everything went out of kilter. For the sake of sanity, I'm through. 


  1. Jane,
    You ROCK!
    I am ready to go to all of these places!
    Ask Tim about when I took him, Justin and Ryan to Cafe' Amsterdam ... I ordered the Bavarian Apple Pancake; A giant fluffy pancake filled and topped with sautéed apples and cinnamon in a rich brown sugar cream sauce. The waiter asked if he should bring plates to share. "No" was my answer and much to Tim's surprise I pretty much ate the whole thing myself!
    It is one of my very fond memories!
    love you lots, Ms. Jane!

  2. Oh, YOU DID A GREAT JOB with all the pictures and type big enough for us to read! Well done!

  3. Well, these all look good--and I'll bet these places take all the calories out when you order them, too, don't they?

  4. I think you missed your calling as a food stylist and photographer! You make it look easy.

    One of my memorable meals, so amazing I photographed it, was a pancake from a hotel cafe (with a Dutch name) in Victoria, B.C. It was as big as the plate and might have lapped over! Scrumptious and decadent. Sounds a lot like the first post!

    1. These entries cannot be viewed without the mouth watering! What beautiful pictures and food. You have dined at some unique places and it makes me want to visit CA just to eat! Thank you so much for your grand efforts to get this blog going again. I'm sure all the recipients appreciate your hard work as well. May you have lots of energy and determination to keep it going and keep us all happy to hear from Jane's Manor again.

      love you, Jane
      edie in Indiana

  5. The post was well worth the technical frustration. Would like to add more, but I'm headed to the kitchen for a snack. I'm suddenly hungry.