Sunday, November 14, 2010


I think that nearly all of you are aware that Mr. Bob had his driver license taken away by a policeman last January. And that begrudgingly, I came out of driver retirement to slip behind the wheel. I know my limits on the road ; I don't cross the borders of Glendale. Ten months into this new arrangement, cabin fever was raging in my head and soul.

Much as I love living at the Manor, the time had come to get away. When we received in the mail a brochure from Holland America with the offer of taking a third passenger at no extra charge save for taxes, I wasted no time in calling Montrose Travel to arrange for a voyage. My first choice was Canada and New England, but far-thinking travelers had already booked passage for that destination and no more cabins were left that suited our needs. I settled for Mexico.

Next question: would Tim accept our invitation to join us? Amazingly he did, with the caveat that he not have to do any of that "formal" stuff. I agreed that we could work around that easily and never have to dress up. Fast forward:

Tim turned out to be a well-shod traveler who could rise to formality when necessary.

Mr. Bob didn't give up the idea of napping just because he was on vacation  and captured forty Latino winks every chance he could. We slept beautifully at night in a spacious king size bed (remember we're the ones who have slept in a narrow double bed our whole 57 years of married life) with a variety of pillows, hard, medium and soft, take our pick. Seventh Heaven we were in.

Now I've reached a standstill. I can't seem to post any more pictures, try as I will. I'm in that dreaded period of mediocrity that one goes through while learning any new thing.

This may well be continued and then again I might go on to something else. Thank you, every one who commented and to those who tried, but couldn't. I don't think there's a system in the world that suits everyone.

             Bobby Shaftoe went to sea
           Silver buckles on his knee 
                                   Mother Goose rhyme


  1. It's nice to see the blog again, and to start to hear about your cruise.

  2. What a beautiful photo of the three of you! :) And I agree with Bob: Naps are important. :)

  3. How fun!!!! Naps are great....Love them..yet today job searches are all the rage for me!