Wednesday, November 17, 2010


While wondering if I've taken on too much with the resumption of this daily web log, I had an idea which may or may not be a good one. For a long time I've gathered photos into a folder to be considered for blog illustration. Many of them have never been used. What if, on days when there's nothing manorial to report, I took a picture a day and said a few words about it? I don't want to get into a habit of living in bygone days, but some of what happened is worth revisiting once in a while. So...........

It wasn't quite the gypsy wagon I'd yearned for, but it was a self-contained little house on wheels. I was ecstatic at thoughts of the possibilities it offered. Mr. Bob was thrilled at the idea of having his bathroom with him at all times. Over the few years we owned it, we traveled as far as Newport Dunes and Canyon Country and Bakersfield and we spent a freezing cold night in an RV park on the Central Coast. With friends we traveled up Hwy. 395 to the Carson River Valley. Once we even managed to get as far as Northern California. My memories of it are good ones. I especially liked exploring the tiny stores in campgrounds and fantasized about being a buyer for those retail outlets.  We had the motorhome long enough to widen the driveway at considerable expense. In those days we were busy with the bookstore and as the vehicle sat, unused in the new expanse of concrete, I had dreams of turning it into my little art studio......a place to get away from it all, but before that came to pass, we sold it.
When you ask him these days why we let it go, Mr. Bob contends that it was too difficult to pull it into the driveway with my inadequate walkie-talkie instructions.

                                            Driveway sans motorhome


  1. Don't burn yourself out trying to think of something to blog every day.
    Once a week will still tell all your fans 52 things that they might not know about you by the end of a year. That'd do for me.
    Whatever you choose is OK by me

  2. I remember your motorhome, now that you refresh my memory! I think I recall looking at the map on the table inside.

  3. Susan writes - And then there was the time, that I stopped in for a quick visit having been on a trip to Mexico with my plutonic neighbor, James Wright, assuming we were more than neighbors you made us sleep together in that motor home......memories.

    Big smile

  4. And it was a 3/4 bed. I forget which of your brothers accused us of pimping. That's AWFUL! My apologies.

  5. How funny! Jane...whenever you write will just be OK. I love stories and you tell good ones. Geez....if i had known you had a pimping pleasure RV, who knows where my life could have led....for today it will b fun to just be part of....

  6. Oh, it's a great RV! I'm glad you got photos of it to share. Wonderful!