Friday, November 19, 2010

THE SIBLING (archival)

"The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose."  ~Garrison Keillor
Frank and Maxwell

Frank is an excellent, creative cook

Our son, Chris, owns Frank's intricate horticultural study.

Self portrait

I have one brother. He's four years younger than I and lives in Santa Barbara. He was hip before it was hip to be hip and he still outdistances me in the area of being avant-garde. His life has been full of wine, beautiful women and music. His travels have been unusually interesting. He  hosts a radio program which I can't quite seem to access, but I know beyond doubt that it is innovative.  He once had a one-man-show at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Maxwell, a West Highland Terrier, is his constant companion.


  1. Wow!! He sounds so creative. What great photos of him, and more good looks in your gene pool.

  2. Brother Frank writes:

    It didn't seem to accept my comment. I tried twice. Here's what I wrote:
    "What a pleasant surprise to go to your web log and see pix of me in my younger and more attractive days, plus pix of art I'd forgotten I'd made. Thanks for your kind comments. After all that wine, women and song it's interesting that I finally realize Maxwell's the companion I've been seeking all along. Write (and blog and draw and video and photograph) on -- you're miles ahead of me.
    For the radio, go to, and hear the 6 am Saturday show live, if you arise that early. Or I can send you recordings of it, if you want to spend the time."

  3. Susan writes - what great photos of Uncle Frank, my favorite Uncle. It was always fun as a kid going to visit his house. Mom made us cover our eyes in some areas of the house, smile. Good to have the radio show address will give it a try next Saturday. Love you Uncle Frank