Sunday, November 21, 2010

I give up

Today I wrote the best blog yet and the computer swallowed it up. So we went out and bought a new computer which I won't get until tomorrow or the next day.

And I'm going to begin taking weekly lessons again and then watch me go!


  1. Dontcha just hate it when that happens. Where's it all go to I want to know.
    I ordered a new computer and it arrived the day after I entered hospital.
    It sat there until yesterday when I finally got up the strength to set it up in it's confining space.
    When I opened up the old one I was half expecting the case to be full of mysterious long forgotten tracts that had disappeared on too many occasions in the past but no, not there so they must go someplace else
    I'm now on a rapid learning curve to get a grasp of Windows 7 having stuck steadfastly to Win XP and ignoring all the useless incarnations which superceded it.
    The problem is that Val got a new notebook with Win 7 pre-installed and as yet, I have been unable to sort her out of her problems so I've bitten the bullet and decided to learn about it for both our sakes.
    Wish me luck.
    The Dorsettlers

  2. Indeed, I wish you luck and moi, aussi.

  3. if it's not one thing . . . today some major communications cable was cut 45 miles away ... our internet at work is crawling . . .