Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The above 3 turkeys were seen at St. Orres, the place I wrote about yesterday. Whether the photo was taken by Christopher or by me, I don't know. There are ways of finding out, but I've already spent my spare time figuring out what to share with you for Thanksgiving.
Progress has rendered my traditional holiday movie too far away to reach, in spite of my efforts. A new film needs to be made anyway so that Owen can be included; movie editing is a skill I hope to regain in my weekly computer lessons. 

Here are some pictures from past Novembers. Thank goodness for flickr where so many of our pictures reside. It took a little searching, but these are a few I found. As a shopkeeper I admired this high-class hardware store's show window. Customers were asked to write on scraps of paper what they were thankful for.

Unless we've been out of town at this time of year we've always gathered with Diane and Roger for Thanksgiving dinners. Sometimes we've eaten out, learning one year that a sunny, 3 o'clock reservation was too early and we all agreed that prime rib was not an acceptable substitute for turkey; other times Diane has cooked, or we've purchased complete dinners from an enterprising restaurant. But we've almost always celebrated together. 

With Roger in the hospital this year, we have a different plan and we'll let you know more about it tomorrow. The next photo shows them some years ago, working diligently in their kitchen ahead of our sitting down at their big dining table. Remember the pictures

 taken from their balcony of the scene below as we gathered for the feast? I don't have a copy at hand, but this is a detail. My rosy cheeks tell me that wine has already been poured and quaffed.

One November our favorite jazz group included a Sousaphone with an appropriate cover on it showing a turkey with a picket sign reading, EAT PORK.

I walk a wide swath around turkey meatloaf and turkey burgers and turkey bacon. I know some of it's tasty, but my rebellious nature forgets that. We do like the roasted bird, however. Dark meat, please.

Forgive me, Tim. I've not learned how to put 2 pictures side by side or I'd include the one of me obviously suffering indigestion. I owe you one.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  1. great story........Happy Delicious Thanksgiving to you. I hope Roger is ok...and you and Mr. Bob enjoy yourselves!!

  2. Hi Guys,
    Your Manor log!!!, made us madly jealous of Thanksgiving, for the last few recent Years, We have been on Your side of The Pond to enjoy a Double Xmas. Sheila likes the Dark Meat, but I am a Breast Man???.
    Sheila and Harvey.
    Ps. still enduring our own Mini Earthquakes

  3. Susan writes: So much to be Thankful for! Beautiful new snow, dinner with both Ryan and Justin, doesn't always work that way, this year it did. Ryan and I helped Justin and his roommates prepare Thanksgiving dinner. New staff, a bit older than I, was honest to say he had never cooked a turkey in his life. It was a wonderful dinner, very uncomfortable watching Justin peel potatoes, probably equal to his father making him cut his own finger nails, Justin has Cerebral Palsy. I have an amazing family and for that I am thankful.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you all--I do remember your photos of the groaning table on different occasions, from that balcony. Great photos! Hope your holiday was relaxing and beautiful. I do believe Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all.

  5. Aha.
    I see someone has been re-counting turkeys ;-)

  6. I didn't get away with it, did I? Glad you're staying with us, Rob and paying strict attention.