Friday, November 26, 2010


Mr. Bob is partial to Reyn Spooner shirts and yesterday was the time to wear the special one for Thanksgiving.

When people asked what our holiday plans were and we said we were taking Thanksgiving dinner to a friend in the hospital, the response was always, "How nice of you!" I didn't consider it in the realm of "nice". We just wanted to be with the friends we've long celebrated with on this least commercial of all holidays.

 The roads were clear at 3 in the afternoon when we drove to Conrad's to pick up our order for 5 turkey dinners. Refusing help from Tim, Mr. Bob marched with his cane into the restaurant but soon called for assistance.

Once at the hospital, the cart was loaded up and we headed for the cafeteria,
a spacious room, mostly empty and we chose a table. We bought the tablecloth and napkins at the last minute. Orange had been snapped up, so I settled for green without knowing it would match the upholstery of the chairs,  with yellow napkins and plastic cutlery.

Tim had thought to bring something for a centerpiece and set up the flickering LED candles, the miniature Indian corn and tiny pumpkins. Martinelli's was the drink of the day.

And for restaurant food, the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and green beans were quite delicious, even eaten from styrofoam.

Our mutual friend, Fiona (she's in her 90s and had been to 2 dinners ahead of stopping at the hospital.....not only that, but had parked far, far away, climbing a steep hill in the dark to get to us) joined us and after seeing our plight of trying to take a self-timed photo, a kind soul offered to take a group photo to appease my sense of needing to document everything. 

It was lovely to be together and there was no doubt about what we counted as being at the top of our list of things for which to be thankful. Roger had come back to us after many dark and scary days. As Diane pushed the wheelchair back to Roger's room, we departed, driving Fiona to her faraway car. Thanksgiving 2010 was over. And it had been one to remember.


  1. Glad to hear Roger is doing better. Your Thanksgiving report would not have been the same without his attendnce. I've come to look forward to sharing at least of a part of Thanksgiving with each of you in the group!

    Love, Lonna (trying to post as anonymous this time to see if that works!)

  2. Greetings!
    I do love to hear about your holidays with friends and family.
    I do miss having this holiday with MY Humphrey family in AK and look forward to hearing a full report from them as well.
    We went from rain to SNOW and lots of it. I do wish I were better to photo the day as it unfolded.
    Much love to you and yours!

  3. Hoorayl! Lonna and Jill (and Karen) got through, but I think the first 2 had trouble before. Maybe "anonymous" is the way to go and then just sign your name, as you did. Thanks, all 3 of you!

  4. It sounds as if it was a festive day, and I, for one, am glad you have that need to document with photos! You all look great! I'm pleased to learn that Roger is doing ok. I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is now behind us. This year is just flying by.

  5. Looked like a wonderful day!!! And documenting it is the only way to really share it with those not there. I took pics at my event and then my camera died. Oops!! Brought all cords but that one!

  6. How sweet! And the table looks lovely, and turkey looks fabulous. I love turkey, and oh! it looks good in that picture--shredded and with gravy, yessssssssssssss. :) I'm glad you all got to share Thanksgiving again.