Monday, November 29, 2010

Don Meike

To set the scene, we need to introduce you to our friends, Nadine and Mickey. Longtime Glendale residents, they moved in to the Manor just a few months after we did. 

 As sometimes happens, the 4 of us resonated. I'm the only one of us who drives which is handy if we get the urge to eat Mexican food or if Mickey needs some items from the market. 

Came the day when a new librarian was needed. Neither Nadine nor I wanted to take on the full responsibilities, so we agreed to co-chair the position. It's working very well. 

These are
people who are very generous about
sharing their family and friends. I know
the feeling of wanting my loved ones
to get acquainted with one another.
Not everyone feels that way. To each
his own. We've met and dined with the daughter and son-in-law of these friends........on their way between Portland, Oregon and New Zealand.......they travel endlessly back
and forth. We've been introduced to
some of their former neighbors, one of whom assisted Mr. Bob in contacting the right person at the Department of Motor Vehicles to help in the process of regaining his driver license. Special people, all.

This week Nadine had a telephone conversation with a longtime friend of theirs in Wyoming, who seemingly on the spur of the moment decided to fly down to visit. Too much time had gone by since they were last together. Two days later he appeared at the Manor. We were invited to join them at dinner yesterday.

The friend's name is Don Meike and he's a sheep rancher in Wyoming. His brother had to stay home this time to oversee the 4500 sheep.

As usual I was full of questions. Did the sheepdogs arrive as trained animals? (No.....most of the tendencies are inherent, the training hones the skill of how it's to be done) Does a dog ever fail the test? (Yes, they have one right now that is too friendly to herd sheep) How big is the town of Kaycee? (250 people) Would you mind terribly if I photographed your belt buckle? (Go right ahead)

Mr. Bob, just the other evening, had watched a documentary on wolves, so that provided a subject of conversation and produced a story that made me want to share our experience with you. He told us that wolves had not always been the problem that they are now for livestock and that somehow the government had been involved (just how, I don't recall......perhaps in naming the wolf as an endangered species.) And Don told the story about the time he was addressing Congress and trying to get across a point. In trying to convince the legislative assembly that a national plan doesn't necessarily work for all states, he used the following example. In his small town of Kaycee, WY when a traffic problem arose, it was solved by putting in a 4 way STOP sign. He questioned whether the same solution would work in Washington DC's traffic congestion. Not one Congressman "got" it, not even enough to smile at the absurdity of the idea. Politics.

I wish I'd asked to take a picture of his boots. He leaves for home tomorrow.


  1. You are so interested in everything and everyone and so open to life, Jane. I admire that so much about you. And of course, your new friends sound delightful.

  2. Love this story Jane... Makes me want to go see the ranch with 4500 people. I really feel people like Don are just wonderful little angels who come to us to bring us fodder for stories. They live on long after they pass our way. I guess getting his buckle was enough for today! have your name on it and for you to take the shot!!! Thank you Jane!

  3. Dear Jane I so enjoy reading your blog, so many interesting stories and people.
    i too always want my friends to meet my family or other dear friends.
    best wishes keep going .

  4. Love Your light hearted Banter Miss Jane, and really good to see a Picture of Nadine and Mickey, looking forward to seeing Yaa Aal, in the New Year.
    Kind regards Two Frozen Wrinklies

  5. I am so glad that the two of you are enjoying your life at The Manor ! Great stories. You know that LaVona is the Annon a Mouse. have some fun...... don't behave !!!!!!

  6. Hahaaaa! I wish you had, too! Sounds like he was a character, and interesting. Love the belt buckle. Great post.

  7. Susan writes: I enjoyed meeting everyone at the Manor during my visit in February, fun, interesting people. I like seeing pictures of people I've met there. Ryan and Justin are very excited about our upcoming trip in December. We are teaching Justin a gentler way of shaking hands, "Gentle and release" all in good humor. I have a border collie mix, a herding dog, she has herding tendencies, it is amazing. At the dog park we go to it's fun to watch to corgis try to herd the other dogs.

  8. Mickey, at least in your picture, could be a twin to my fellow Minnesota democrat, Fritz Mondale, once vice president of the US.

  9. I loved your post Jane, and will share it with other old friends from LaCres./Montrose. Mick and Nadine's daughter and I have been best friends for 63 yrs. and I was so pleased to hear that you have become friends with the Clarks. Aren't they THE BEST!!! Many of us raised our kids and grandkids with beautiful books from your shop. I'll be following your blog now and enjoying your warm hearted stories. Joanne Tuchman

  10. i grew up on this ranch for my whole life!!! graet place