Thursday, April 14, 2011


AS I WAS helping myself to a cup of water in the Tea Room yesterday, one of the interns said to me, "Have you heard about them closing the borders?"

Feeling quite alarmed, I replied that I hadn't listened to any news broadcasts that day and was it both the Canadian and the Mexican borders?

Turns out she was referring to the chain of bookstores and I stood there wondering if it was merely a chance interpretation or if it was a sign that my mind is getting old.


  1. Sadly our Borders closed a while back. I really miss it - it was a great place for a quiet browse and a cup of coffee !

  2. Whew! Makes the loss of a great bookstore seem less jarring! I was under the impression that they are trimming back their stores---or, is that wishful thinking because I do enjoy everything about Borders! That said, I spend more time seeking out the little independents--especially since having to pay CA taxes on books ordered online!

    Crazy world, eh? But, at least the borders are open and we won't have to cross the mountains on foot, in the snow...

  3. Not just you ~ " ) A Non Y Mouse

  4. I believe they're closing our Barnes as well......


  5. First the big book stores put the little independents out of business and now they are going through similar problems with on-line reading habits. Oh well, I guess the world is constantly changing and we just learn to adjust or learn to pout for longer periods of time.
    TO Joanne