Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'VE NEVER really thought of us as being big on volunteering. But I guess we are, when one considers that Mr. Bob has taken on the job of being the photographer/historian and I'm doing part time work in keeping the library interesting and serving on the film committee (more modern films means more modern language and it's proving a little tough for some of the residents to swallow). We've finished the Staff Directory and are up to date on the Residents' Directory which entitled us to attending a special luncheon. Following are the 3 album pages on the event we readied for the yearly scrapbook.


  1. Hello Jane, My computer was not behaving lately and I just caught up with my E-mail from the last few days. Just want to tell you that I very much enjoy your blogs. I was awake all night enjoying the wedding -- finally nodded off and missed the action ride in the convertible -- caught reruns later. The comments you make about living at Windsor sometimes help me notice or apprciate better something I missed. Being alive in my old age is such a blessing -- and I don't want to miss any more than I can help!! Thanks for your contributions. Evelyn

  2. Jane...In catalina for a few days with a whole bunch of people. Part of a committee volunteering to make the weekend fun...I love what is happening at the manor with the directories. Mr.Bob and you are such fun and their and everywhere!! Glad i am back to gt back to the stories!!