Thursday, April 28, 2011


Not at the zoo but out in the wild in Cambria, CA

California hills in the summertime

Usually a tea drinker, when I indulge in coffee,
I make coffee candy out of it, by adding cream and sugar.
More lights than needed, if you ask me.
I don't totally understand cupcakes.

The bears are baffled. So are we, with boxes yet to be unpacked and we've been at the Manor for nearly two years.

Barns fascinate, for some reason or other.

An unfulfilled dream was to have a shoe house contest at the store. It never happened, but Chris made this out of an antique baby shoe.

Mr. Bob always pointed out this little structure when we started out on a road trip. It burned in a recent wildfire. We've no idea of what purpose it served.


  1. Good eye for all these beige-y images. Soothing. I love the top two!

  2. Here's how a jaded friend explained my duties as Mother of the Groom:

    Wear beige and keep your mouth shut.

  3. Wonderful pics and stories....So much to see in the world and you remind all of us!