Saturday, April 23, 2011


WE SAT IN AWE as the St. Petersburg Men's Ensemble sang for us. It was the sort of music that brought tears to the eyes, hearts touched by the perfect blend of voices, the ethereal sound. Only voices, no musical accompaniment. holy voices.

Mr. Bob was busy working the room, looking for good photo opportunities, but he, too, was stunned by the beauty of the sound.

We frequently have entertainment at the Manor..... often at least 3 times a week. This performance was beyond the pale. Coming to us from a far-away land, the combination of liturgical music and Russian folk songs enriched our Good Friday.

We hope you experienced
something equally special.


  1. How wonderful.
    I have just been to see Andre/ Rieu and his Johan Strauss orchestra ---------fabulous and wonderful.
    He travels the world, I know he has been to Vancouver. Wonder if you have heard of him Jane.
    PC problems been off line for a while.

  2. Wishing you had a sound byte! Just love the sound of men singing together!

  3. Oh, yes, I'm a fan of André Rieu......from his television programs. And maybe, just maybe I can produce a sound byte. I'll try.

  4. What a wonderful treat! Happy Easter to you and Bob, Jane.

  5. An Easter treat, for sure! I hope you and Bob have a wonderful day today too, Jane. :)