Thursday, April 21, 2011


ENQUIRING MINDS want to know.......what are your plans for Easter this year? 

Two years ago, before we moved into the Manor, we celebrated at home. Now, gone are the plates, we gave away the colorful tablecloth and the serving dishes. For the life of me, I can't remember what the entrée was and can't identify it from this picture. I do remember that it was the weekend on which I fell from grace before the Easter bunny even hopped through our lives, so the memory is somewhat bittersweet.

Last year, we gathered with our friends, Diane and Roger and Fiona and went to a nearby restaurant, Camilo's and enjoyed a sumptuous brunch. It's a special place to celebrate. Next door is a new place with the name of "Four Cafe" and in this picture it looks as though it was our destination, but that pleasure is still in our future.

This year we have a different plan and I think I'll need to wait until Easter Day to tell you about it for reasons I'll explain later. Meanwhile, what will you be doing? Even if you're staying quietly at home, we're interested. I hope you'll play along and let us know.


  1. Funny you should ask! Just today, I went to our local bookstore- where I am a part time employee- and the owner asked me what I was doing for Easter. When I replied, "Grading papers," she asked me if I wanted to go to her house for Easter dinner. So- I hope to actually have said papers done by Saturday evening, so that I can spend some time in my yard cleaning up after a loooooooooonnnnng winter. A few flakes actually fell from the sky today, so I'm not sure if spring is really here!

  2. I'm having friends for supper -- if they ever respond! -- on Saturday night, for a pre-Easter celebration, then going to my best friend's home for the actual day. I bring a little bit of something, like champagne and salad, and then help out as necessary. It's especially nice, because she is my good friend, a great cook, a fabulous hostess, and I get to see her grandkids grow up.


    But, wait! What I plan to do with it is let my two grands and my three nephews color eggs on it--along with the grown ups, and, unless the Universe has gone off kilter, we will spill plenty of glorious egg dye! Then, I plan to whip out fabric markers so we can add handprints, names, and ages. And, while I have NO IDEA how this will actually play out---I hope the dyes never wash out and we can add to our Easter gem for many years to come!

    Now, add to that multi-age, egg hunts, a hike to a Chumash village, and Breakfast for Dinner...and you have Our Plan.

    Happy Easter to all from Gram/Lisa/Millie Mom

  4. Hmmm... What am I doing for Easter? I'll be enjoying the company of family and friends at our house! Oh, and eating the delicious homemade baklava my 14 year old nephew is bringing.

  5. We're going to a Holiday Inn all you can eat brunch with two retired psych professors, neither of whom can explain the relationship between pigging out and Christ's resurrection from the dead.

  6. Baking a cake first thing this morning, then watching Our new Roof, being built on our New house gradually take shape!!!!, on the side of the River Thames
    Have a good One,
    The Wrinklies

  7. Returning Saturday from a week spent in Denver helping Anastasia and her family settle into a new home. Sunday will be spent with son, John, and his in-laws celebrating both Easter and his 30th birthday. I worked hard to get papers graded BEFORE spring break so I could return to reality on Monday refreshed! Happy Easter (Uncle) Bob and (Aunt) Jane. XO