Friday, April 29, 2011


I'VE DECIDED the reason there's been so much hullabaloo about the Royal wedding is because the rest of the news is so frustratingly bad.  If it's not damaging weather, and there's been far more than enough of it, then it's the unbelievable behavior of politicians. Too much of a muchness, I think all will agree. Our grandson, Justin, lives in an assisted living situation with a roommate and a caretaker. He became extremely interested in the upcoming marriage and invited his mom (our daughter, Susan) to come over to watch the wedding last night. Following is the texting she (black) and I (green) did. From Alaska to Glendale, the words flew back and forth.

9:45 a.m.My friend Starla 
who I iron for owns a tux 
and costume
store  and is loaning Justin 
& me fancy hats to wear while
watching the wedding.

                                                                Wonderful. Wish I could donate scones  and clotted
cream. Be sure to take pictures.

Scones are a good idea I
prefer lemon curd. Are you
staying up to watch?

Oh, my, yes!!!

May we call you at the good parts?

Sure, or text. Either way.

I'll be at Justin's.

Okay, if you take pictures
I could do a blog.

6:16 p.m.Wish I had a 
nicer nightgown
to wear to the wedding.

Just dress it up with jewelry
and a scarf.

That's a thought.

8:27 pm
I'm going to take a nap and
get up later for the festivities.

I've been mowing lawns with
Jill. I'll nap, then go to Justin's.

1:15 a.m.
I have a problem with those
silly little hats that sit on the 
front of the heads.

I like the b4 ones.

Which are those?

Most of them. I like the little
feathery ones.

2:15 a.m. 
Exciting, huh?

Very! OMG!
Designer......Dr. Seuss

But this is history.

Yes! Love her little wave.

I don't understand why everyone
didn't stay up to see this.

They recorded it.

I forget that's a possibility.

I'd rather watch as it happens.

Me, too. But she needs to work
on that royal wave. Beautiful dress!

Breathtaking. I'm teary.

Me, too

Wow! No kiss?

Later from the balcony, I think.

That's what Justin said.

I love the trees.

Me, too.

They won't go on the balcony
until after lunch. A long time
from now. I may go back to
bed soon.

I am going to head home. Loved
watching it with you.

It was fun.

Yes, it was.



Next day, all tired out from the wedding festivities:


  1. Not in response to this blog entry, but this email from Harvey arrived in my mailbox, just before I hit the "Publish" key.

    H i Jane,
    weddings are really not My thing!!!, but the Dauber bullied Me into watching, and must say I did Grudgingly enjoy it, and thought how well us Brits do pomp and ceremony??
    a Wrinkly

  2. You Pseudo Brits gave us a Big giggle!!!!,
    Hope Ya got to see the Double peck, after lunch??
    The Proud to be a Brit!!!, Wrinklies

  3. Indeed I did see it. Mr. Bob had retired by then. I called Susan to alert her.

  4. Awwwwww! I'm glad someone else enjoyed it as much as I did. Love the back and forth banter. I loved the trees, too, and I so agree about those goofy little hats that sit all a-kilter in the front of their heads.

  5. I hope I represent most of us Yankee Doodles when I say, from the heart,

    I hope this lovely young couple lives Happily Ever After.

    Delightful banter Jane and Susan! You showed me the fun side of texting Most memorable: wish i had a nicer nightgown...
    dress it up with jewelry and a scarf : )

  6. Val watched it all but I didn't join in until they were leaving the Abbey.
    Personally, I think Harry will be a bit of a fool if he doesn't make a move on the sister. Wasn't she a stunner?(or did I miss the bit where they said she was already married?)
    The Dorsettlers.

  7. Susan writes: My mother is English reincarnated, everything about her, almost. Growing up as kids other kids would have chips in the cupboards, we had scone mix. She maintained a beautiful English garden for years and always talked about getting a red phone booth to put in the back yard. So, Yes, it was so much fun watching it with her watching it with her even though we are thousands of miles away. I will send her the hat pictures of Justin and me as soon as I can find the camera cord. I left Justin's a little after 3am and he was still watching it. A month ago he arranged to have this day off from work...............Designer Dr. Suesss was a reference to the hats Fergie's daugthers were wearing on their foreheads, not the beautiful wedding dress

  8. I don't have tv so I did listen to a tad on public radio. Not too impressed with all the noise.

    A Non Y Mouse

  9. Oh my...I was on Catalina..where even our phones did not work!! I missed it all!!!How fun it is to see my first bits on the wedding in Jane's blog!