Sunday, September 18, 2011


WE USUALLY WATCH the 11 o'clock news, not usually the wisest of bedtime stories, but Mr. Bob is a news maven and I think I watch it just out of curiosity and to see what weather is predicted for tomorrow. After he toddles off to bed, I sometimes linger, usually tempted to explore the Internet. I know it's not referred to as the web because of the complexity of following thread after thread, one thing leading to another without knowing where one will end up and sated, finally turning off the computer.

 A couple of years ago I somehow ended up at the site of Barter Books in Northumberland, England  and was beguiled by the poster which seemed a perfect thing to remind Mr. Bob to chill out when he slipped into a state of agitation. The story of the motto's history was interesting and it seemed an obscure discovery. With the ease that the internet provides, I quickly ordered a copy of it before turning in for the night. 

When it arrived we oohed and aahed over it, before putting the poster aside as is our habit, planning to do something with it when we got around to it. Now, two years later, the motto is appearing for sale in catalogue after catalog. Hardly an unusual thing anymore, it's become a cliché. Did I still want to carry through with my original intent of framing it? Or had procrastination been my enemy? I decided that it was still pertinent to our situation.

Tim came today to do our bidding and I sent him to Aaron Brothers after calling first to see if he could use my credit card. Yes, they said, so we dispatched him, armed with measurements for the British poster and an enlarged photo taken by Mr. Bob years ago at the Reno Air Show which was featured in the news this week. Tim thought it might be poor taste to use it just now, but it had been on my to-do list long enough.

Who knew that I could show you the accomplishments with our reflections showing? The one on the left is highly appropriate for I have an appointment at the hospital at 10 a.m. tomorrow for an
ultrasound and biopsy. I'm doing my best to keep calm and there's nothing for it except to carry on. Damn!

Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.
                                  Michael Caine 


  1. Keep us posted on tomorrow's tests. Barter Books is in a former train station in Alnwick, where L. and I lived for a couple of semesters in the early 90's. The station was vacant then, Barter having moved in in the mid 90ies.

  2. Maybe it should be mounted on your door -to ward off any more incidents.
    OKAY, now stop this competition with Bob, stealing his thunder with your very own biopsy.
    Fingers crossed for you both.

  3. Best of good prayers for you tonight. Not both of you!!! And love love love the sign... Better later than never!!! I love your enthusiasm and love of what life has to offer and that Bob has always joined you on the ride!

  4. In the spirit of quoting the Brits, remember Winston Chuchill's wise motto:


    Now, carry on.....

  5. Oh, Jane, I hope you get good news. You two already have enough difficult things to try to be calm about. You'll be in my thoughts. It's a wonderful motto, for anyone at any time. Best of luck. Keep us posted...

  6. Yes ! Have fun with the project ! A Non Y Mouse !

  7. I love your "carrying on"!

    I must admit that I did not "see" the Reno Air Show upon first glance at the photo. There is sort of an "Alice in Wonderland" effect that brought to mind the caterpillar having a puff of an effort to keep calm, of course...

  8. My goodness...I am relieved at having read your post and realized that you had not turned to smoking up a storm to cope with your additional burdens. You're right there on my prayer list with Mr. Bob so I'll just do double duty for the two of you. T.O.Joanne

  9. That tower on the hill is always in my photos too! Hope you and Mr. Bob are feeling well and good today....