Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IT'S THAT TIME of the month again........time for chemotherapy.
We're beginning to see the rhythm of it......Mr. Bob starts to feel like himself again and it means the start of another cycle of feeling weak and crummy.

Today is the seven hour session, so I've packed the anti-nausea medicine, lunch for the two of us, a new magazine, the iPad, the Kindle and bottles of water. Fluid is more important than food these three days of chemo. The man has given in to my suggestion insistence that we take a tank of oxygen. He really doesn't want to, but my motto is "better safe than sorry" and his count has been on the low side lately.

And off we go, the man and his wife on an adventure they never asked for. There's a gift in here somewhere.......it's up to us to find it.


  1. Good luck Mr. Bob.....wish we could be there to hold your hand. Your in our thoughts and prayers.
    Remember, it won`t be long and that platter of sweet and sour will tease your taste buds !!

  2. Good Luck Mr Wobbly, we are all in there batting for Yaa.
    The Wrinklies

  3. Yep....Seven long hours. With Jane there at your bidding, hope it goes better. I too think there is a gift in there somewhere, yet you have to present in this day to see it. A wish that the feelings after are better than the last time.

  4. Susan H writes: I know about adventures never asked for - that sums up my life in a way. But there are blessings, I would not be the person I am today without the lessons of my sons. And now this with Dad, some days it seems easier being far away but mostly it's hard.

  5. Prayers for both. We each have our crosses but this one seems pretty heavy. Good there are two to carry it. Isn't that faint light i see the beginning of the end of the tunnel?

  6. Love, love, love, love, love, love....coming your way today!

    Your gift to us is honesty and willingness to share your journey.

    More love...

  7. Pardon me, but damn.

    Love, energy, luck, forbearance, and sleep....


  8. Bon soir
    You SAID IT this time. Hold onto that thought. We'll all be here beside you both!
    And hi Wrinklies.

  9. Oh, is it that time already?? I just ache for you both. It sounds like such a grueling regimen. If anyone would find the gift in this, it's you two. I commend you for your spirit through it all. May this time go swiftly for you both...

  10. Sending an e-hug! Love, Shelley