Monday, September 12, 2011


PER SOME of your requests, here are some more sketches from my travel journals.

Hard to believe I was messing about with pen and watercolor nearly ten years ago and now the inclination is gone.

We were on a jazz cruise on the Columbia River and were too ill to get off the ship. I made a very funny movie of the week, inserting Mr. Bob's cough throughout the film to signify how sick we were. The cough even fades away through the closing credits.

When on the Monterey Peninsula we like to stay at Asilomar Conference Grounds, a good base from which to explore.

We headed for Sequoia National Park and were caught in a surprise snowstorm with no warm clothes. 

Details in the lounge at Waksachi Lodge where we were snowbound.

A sketch of our house, drawn from a photo which I didn't usually do.

One of our Sunday visits to the jazz club. The stage held a whole band, but I chose just the banjo player ("What's the difference between a chain saw and a banjo?" " The chainsaw can be tuned")

"I became interested in photography when I found my own sketching was inadequate."                                                              Ben Shahn


  1. I love your sketches!

  2. You have a tremendous talent. Drop that knitting and take up your brush. If I could have done as well I would be the artist I wanted to be instead of....well my photos are nice.

  3. I remain enchanted with your watercolor sketches. And like your photography and writing a lot.

    For someone who says regularly that she is lazy, there is remarkably little evidence, even over many years, of that statement's truth.


  4. It makes me sad that you don't pick up your paints any more--they're just delightful, Jane. I also enjoy reading your journal notes. I'm laughing at your note about having trouble finding your way from the parking lot to your room. I'd probably have felt the same way. You're quite good, and I'll bet it's great fun to go through that book and re-visit it all...

  5. ps
    I remember when I met you being sad that our dinner arrived too quickly, and I couldn't browse longer through your book. I was afraid I'd spill something on it, though...

  6. How lovely to see your sketches. You are a talented lady!