Thursday, September 1, 2011


PRETEND this is tomorrow's post. Found this as a facebook entry and was quite taken with the coverage of the recent hurricane. You know, if there's anything I love in life it's sharing things I like with other people. I think that's why I lasted 37 years at Once Upon a Time. It provided the ultimate opportunity to share.


  1. It's probably a good thing that I grew up on the west coast, but the storm chaser in me wishes I lived on the east coast.

  2. Bon soir, mes amis
    That was a fantastic link. Nothing says it more to me than the people sitting on their stairs, but I like the vigor of the man who made a sail and took off on his skate board. As a teener/adult, I loved hanging out in Grand Central Station for the sheer job of watching so many people - purposefully moving through the beautiful building. There's something sacred in its emptiness and silence in those photos.
    Hey, you kids. Disasters come with the 'living bargain' - y'know. Borrowing from Dr. Frankenstein, 'You're Alive! You're Alive!" Others aren't. We all need to cherish it, minute by minute.
    All my love

  3. I be more distressed than ever at the state of 'news' in America. These pictures tell a story I missed completely!

    And, in a major crisis----BRIGHT BLUE is a very calming color!

    Best wishes to everyone mopping up after Irene!

  4. Wow- so little about our little state of Vermont- that was almost wiped off the map!
    Here's more pics from our little town of Bennington.

    The road to this town is gone, and this town has been wiped out:!/media/set/?set=a.2272103958762.129425.1133521629


  5. MJ, my theory is that we ran out of adrenalin by the time Irene got so far north. What happened to your beautiful state was totally unexpected after the force of the hurricane was downgraded and we didn't pay proper attention. Thanks for the links and for furthering our knowledge.

  6. Susan H writes: Oh my gosh. I remember visiting Bennington, Vermont on a family motor home trip. My thoughts are with you!!!

    We had an earthquake last night. No damage

  7. Thanks, everyone! I heard about your earthquake. I'm glad there was no damage!