Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AND THE NEWS IS.........



AND THE NEWS IS.........

ACTUALLY, it took 24 hours to find out if there's a go-ahead for Mr. Bob's radiation, but today we found out that since there seems to be no indication of a tumor on the liver, he's a good candidate. There was, after his course of chemotherapy, a remarkable improvement in the tumor in the lung, so that was good news. Even though yesterday the final answer wasn't available, we celebrated by going out to breakfast (a self granted reward......Mr. Bob would have happily returned to the Manor for a meal, but I'm the hedonist who wants to "play", once I'm out of the compound).

I know why they keep doctors' offices so cold, but it seems nearly inhumane. Our friend, Nadine, once shivered so violently waiting in the examination room that they had to bring her a blanket and a hot cup of tea. We must have waited the better part of an hour before Dr. G. appeared with the results of the CT scan.

Today it was my turn. Myra is the nurse who administers the magic medicine (why do I tend to think of it as poison? Possibly because it is?) and I'm ever grateful that I don't have to submit to the drip method, but need to have three syringes full of stuff injected into my implanted port (with tubes that go to my heart...... eeewwww!) and then I'm through. Another week of pills and then I can consider myself 1/6 of the way through with my program. 

I mentioned to the doctor that I keep asking the same question without having received a satisfactory answer. How far should I go in urging Mr. Bob into physical activity and this time I was given the sanction to nag him into action. We've both lost stamina in the past months of coddling ourselves and it would be a shame if we regained our health and found ourselves unable to move.

So, up and at 'em, Mr. B.
Time's a wastin'

"Too many radiologists still believe there is a risk from a chest x-ray. Few radiologists can explain radiation to the patient in words the patient can understand."
                                                                                                                      John Cameron


  1. THANK HEAVENS.....I can breathe now.

    Your breakfast looks yummy.

    God Bless you both.

    Your "documentary" is sure to benefit so many. Thanks for sharing all of this with us and with such a positive outlook.

    We need to be the "Go Bob..Go Jane" cheerleaders. I am so so proud of you both. : )

  2. that is quite a tie on the oncologist! I am so happy to hear that Mr. Bob's tumor is shrinking. That is very good news, and cause for a pancake celebration!

    I am anxious to hear what your protocol is. Sounds like something new. You are both in my thoughts constantly!

  3. I'm delighted to hear the news and so grateful to you for keeping us up to the minute. OH NO...now you get to nag Mr. BoB. I hope he doesn't turn in his Dr. for giving you too much info and power!!!! T.O.Joanne

  4. Prayin' for all of you!!
    Say hi to Uncle Bob,

  5. YahYAhBob,,,, get up and on the go ! have some fun lookin' a pretty girls on your way ! "" )

    A Non Y Mouse

  6. YAAA HOOO - HEEE HAW and so on. Some good does come out here!

    Nag him and join him - he he he! Bet you didn't plan on that. But what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander (or vice versa).


  7. Speaking of radiologists, your blog has recently reminded me of afternoon soap operas my mother and grandmother had on the radio. They were women's stories, usually sponsored by laundry soap, that continued daily with slowly unfolding narratives and lots of detail, all based on dialogue of course. No sound affects like the adventure programs for men and boys. For some reason "Ma Perkins" especially comes to mind while reading your reports., not sure why.

  8. Ted, I admire you for taking the time to read "women's stories". I remember the soaps, but couldn't tell you what was special about each one. They all sort of run together. Keep reading, please. I'm interested to know how it all turns out.

  9. Pancake-worthy news! I celebrate with you!


  10. Thank goodness--So glad it's such great news! And good for you going out for pancakes! You deserve a little fun after all the stresses you've both been through. I'm so glad the difficult course they put Bob through has helped. And I'm glad for you you don't have to have the drip. I'd have been on pins and needles waiting like that. I'm so happy for you both.

  11. Bless you both. Keep getting stronger and healthier!
    Much love,

  12. We are cheering you both on. Stay positive

  13. I think you may have mis-stated something - you said Mr. Bob would have happily returned to the Manor for a meal. I think you meant to say "nap"? :-)
    I heard in the emergency room (where I took Thelma Sunday-had a TIA but she's fine) that they keep it cold to prevent germs from breeding . . .
    Also, it's all in how you phrase it. When my medication was going straight in to my heart, I said I was tired of carrying around a pharmacy in my purse --now I was mainlining! Love, Jeanine

  14. I'm so thankful for the good news! Of course you had to go out to celebrate! Love, Shelley

  15. Good news and great and good times to celebrate in small ways.....Hope u get exercise with dear bob!

  16. Great news, brave Jane. I am looking forward to seeing more pics of you two going for nice walks outside the Manor, when the weather is warmer, of course!!

  17. All good so far then, very pleased to hear it. Keep up the nagging Jane, it is so easy to get into the habit of just sitting. I know! x

  18. Wonderful news!!! With lots of love and healing thoughts!! Linda L.

  19. Great news for Bob. Yeah!

    You've raised my curiosity, and should you ever have the opportunity to explain in your blog why they keep doctors offices so cold, please do.

    Both of you take care now. I'll be looking forward to your future musings and health updates.

    Love, Lonna