Monday, December 12, 2011


Image DetailRECENTLY, I checked out a coffee table book from the public library on "Artists' Houses". Out of several homes featured, we had actually visited only one....... Sam Maloof's house
in Alta Loma. It had been a splendid experience, one that I highly recommend should you be looking for something interesting to do.

In the borrowed book, I noticed that except for Sam Maloof's house, the artists had used a palette of the most muted of neutral tones in their domestic surroundings. A very few had a patch of color here and the form of a pillow or a small bowl, but the grays, beiges, off-whites predominated against the natural materials so many had chosen for their houses.......rock, stone, wood. 

That got me to wondering about my own preferences. I often wear black, hoping to God it's true that the darkness is slimming, but I enjoy putting a splash of color somewhere against the black. (Never mind silly Tim, in this photo.....he, who used to be shy about a request for a simple snapshot.)

Remember how taken I was with the color red in a recent posting? Well, yesterday I pulled out a long skirt I've never worn, found I had a blouse of the same color (it may be the Tangerine Tango that  has been deemed the color of 2012......wouldn't that be something, to be in style for a change?) Since I didn't plan to leave my room, I put these 2 garments on, warned Mr. Bob when he arose from his nap that commentary on my outfit was not appropriate and wore it for the rest of the day, alternating between feeling happy and utterly foolish. If I wore it down to the dining room, I think many proper ladies would fall off of their chairs, possibly resulting in a lot of broken hips. It doesn't resemble any Manor outfit I've ever seen. When I was lighter in weight, I wore a pair of pants with off-white tropical flowers on them and there were many comments about how "loud" they were. 

Last Saturday I had to pull on my drab clothes to go collect my own prescription because the drugstore doesn't deliver on the weekends, so technically I'm on the road to recovery. I'll be interested to see if I can be brave enough to wear Tangerine Tango once my current illness has abated and I'm out in the world again. Often my rebelliousness is all in my head without the backing to put it into action. Know what I mean?

"Rebellion is the only thing that keeps you alive!"Marianne Faithful



    WEAR those colors....!

  2. Black is my favorite color too! It says a lot about our personalities!
    A Non Y Mouse

  3. I love that you would dress to please yourself and to brighten the day. I think I'll deck myself out in brightness to go get my hair cut this afternoon. Thanks for passing on a gleam of light. T.O.Joanne

  4. Oh my... you are Jane and full of vibrancy and color. I would bet a number of residents would be secretly envious! Black is slimming and a splash of color is delightful. our pics here were great!

  5. These are all great photos--love the splashes of color. You always look nice in whatever I've seen you in!

  6. Just wanted to thank you again for adding me to your email list.
    I love reading your blogs and looking at your pictures. Even though I
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    I greatly admire the way you incorporate memories of Once Upon a Time
    into reports on your current activities (medical and otherwise). Sometimes
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    crying and I’m trying to learn from you how to accept being old and how to
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    Best regards,
    Nancy Foster

  7. I love that you are blazing the colors - black makes a nice neutral backdrop to rock those tones!