Saturday, December 24, 2011


HERE IT IS, Christmas Eve and time is getting short and there's so much to share with you that I'm putting it all in one posting.


My clever brother sent this picture to the guests that came to his house for dinner. He's a fabulous cook and I'm jealous of his abilities. He also sent me this link and I'm passing it along to you:


This is the Big Bertha radiation machine that Mr. Bob visits five days a week. When he's accomplished 35 treatments, he'll be through. Fingers crossed, prayers uttered.


The next picture was taken months ago. Mr. Bob's hair has grown back so nicely that he required a trim yesterday. Our daughter, Susan, asked that he please see that his Andy-Rooney type eyebrows get some attention.


Owen, returning to the Oakland Airport at night, following 4 stimulating days in Florida, visiting theme parks with all their wonders, looked out the window as the plane was descending and observed, "Wow! Planet Earth!"

The following is another "old" photo from the archives. We'll be around this table at 4 this afternoon to celebrate Mr. Bob's birthday whether he likes it or not. Remember, he's definitely not big on birthdays, his own or anyone else's.

But on Thursday evening, the guest mariachi band encircled him and serenaded the birthday boy.


Another from my brother:


  1. Have a wonderful time, and thak you for being you !

  2. Shhhhhh. Jane, please don't tell Bob that he's wished a spectacular HAPPY BIRTHDAY with love to match his virtual candles!!!!!

    God Bless Us EVERYONE!

  3. Yah, Happy Birthday! have some fun..... don't behave.

    A Non Y Mouse

  4. Thank you for the very special post -- and for sharing these important moments of your lives.

    The glass harp duo make enchanting music! This is a wonderful Christmas gift!
    Happy birthday, Bob! Merry Christmas to you us all. Love, Jeannie

  5. So many treatments--I'm rooting for Bob to get through all of those. Sounds brutal. The music through glasses reminds me of my ex's Norwegian great aunts--they were magical with those and we'd do that at the dinner table once the meal ended. May 2012 bring the two of you only good things. You so deserve it...Happy New Year!


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