Saturday, December 10, 2011


LAST EVENING was the Manor's Christmas party for residents, families and friends. While I stayed upstairs with my stuffy, unmedicated nose and my short hair, Mr. Bob gathered the camera and an extra battery and went down to record the festivities. He returned to our room for a few moments, long enough to report that hilarity was running high and lots of people were in attendance. I wished I could be there. Tim forgot to come, which was okay; it was the first full week that he'd worked in a long while and he was tired out. 

I'm beginning to wish we had a spray of evergreen to scent the air or a wreath to hang on the shower head or something a bit seasonal to lighten our atmosphere, but we've decided it is not to be unless I get to feeling better and indulge in a decoration or two from Trader Joe's, in opposition to our decision to restrain our holiday excitement. I really dislike having to be "grown-up" and sensible. Something in me is yearning to do something wild and crazy, but a lack of stamina disallows it, at least for the moment. 

Since our illnesses were diagnosed, I've been lax about keeping up on the Manor photo album, but I took Mr. Bob's photos from last night and worked up several pages, struck by how festive a color red really is. Working with it actually brightened my mood somewhat. I need to work on an attitude adjustment and I'll do it right after I put my face on for the day (Mr. Bob sometimes advises me to "make it a happy face". We'll see what today brings.)

This couple is not very happy to be in this living arrangement and they looked nearly happy last evening!

Ernie and her visiting daughter enjoy a Christmas nibble.

Carolers, borrowed from the Tam O' Shanter (or Shanty Lanterns) for the occasion........

Ms. Jane and Ms. Mary, inseparable pals, diligently look after each other.

Mr. Tom suffered a stroke and can communicate better without speech than many a wordy person. He conveys when he's happy to see you.

"Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home."
                                  ~Carol Nelson


  1. Holly Jolly 'n all that. Lovely photos, Jane. Hope you're able to relax and rest up in the meantime! Happy Holidays...xo

  2. Jane----as usual you highlight a wonderful detail----like the impact of RED! Thank you.

  3. GREAT > BOth of you ! A Non Y Mouse

  4. Jane....i think a bit of greenery would lighten your mood. Just a bit of festiveness is all you need for today! thank you for the post!

  5. disallowed instead of not allowed...that's nice, I would expect nothing less from you.

  6. I hope your stuffy nose "unstuffs". Shelley