Thursday, December 8, 2011


USUALLY JOINED AT THE HIP, yesterday Mr. Bob and I needed to go off in different directions. It was necessary for him to head to the Cancer Center to meet with a radiologist and at the same time I had a hair appointment up the hill. So, off he went in the limo with Luis at the wheel and I headed north.

My tires seek out the ruts in the road and I can nearly put it on automatic and daydream my way for the car has traveled that route so frequently in past months. I wish I could express to you my joy at being able to drive right past the hospital with its attached medical building without the need to turn in to honor an appointment. I was nearly giddy with the idea of returning to what I deem the "real" world. 

The hairdresser, Ernesto, is the eldest of 8 children and regales me with stories of his family as the kids were growing up. We laugh a lot and he always asks after Mr. Bob who used to accompany me to my appointments when he still had a driver's license.

The surgeon, when I asked, assured me that I would lose my hair through chemotherapy treatments, even giving me a catalog of wigs. The oncologist said that it might thin considerably and the 2 nurses told me that the medication I'm taking shouldn't cause hair loss. The man I really trust on this is Ernesto and he thought we should wait for a permanent to see what happens. So he cut my hair short, short, scissoring all the curly parts off and now we'll see what fresh hell this is, trying to manage my own straight hair. I should have photographed the curls they swept up off of the mother would have rescued them to dig in around her rose bushes. It was a lot. 

"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair? " ~Author Unknown

Update on Mr. Monday he'll report for radiation, 5 days a week for 7 weeks.


  1. You have beautiful hair, Jane. I have lousy hair so I always notice others' beautiful locks. I can well imagine how glad you would have been to venture out and take it easy, and I can totally see why you were happy not to have to turn into any medical facilities on your outing!

  2. Well, you know me.... Keep it simple Sally !

    A Non Y Mouse

  3. Definitely Ernesto magic! It looks great!


  4. Stiill puzzled about the hair in the roses thing.

  5. Fertilizer, Ted, fertilizer. Akin to bone meal, perhaps.

  6. Short is chic!
    What is your protocol?

  7. I'm not sure what the term protocol means in this case? List of meds?

  8. Wow you look great! Younger even, definitley gorgeous.