Thursday, December 22, 2011


I KNOW I'VE MENTIONED BEFORE that the staff at the Manor are not allowed to accept tips. If, God forbid, a resident should insist on tipping a helper, I'm sure the person who lives here would be sharply reprimanded, but the employee would be fired on the spot. Or so I've been told and I don't plan to test it. The urge to tip is hard to resist when the services rendered are often way beyond the call of duty.

I think that's what attracted us about this place in the beginning..... it was obvious that staff members were sincere in their willingness to help and help they do......amazingly.............dropping whatever they're doing to assist a resident who they see carrying a package or juggling keys to unlock a gate or door. 

Our chance to express monetary appreciation comes in the fall of the year. It's much like being near the end of a long cruise when it's time to tip the crew members. Someone brilliant in mathematics is in charge of figuring out how much each employee receives based on seniority from the money that accumulates in the Employees' Appreciation Fund.

Santa comes on a designated day mid-December and the staff are called on alphabetically. One year I hope they'll consider calling names by number of years of working at the Manor. I sat next to someone in the payroll department and was treated to the benefit of annotation as she whispered such words as, "She's been here 25 years".

The worker approaches, shakes hands with our president, Jack Frost and turns to Santa who hands out the envelopes along with a dollar coin for good luck. The residents and other staffers applaud and it's a feel-good event for all concerned.

Maggie has been here 20 years. She works 2 jobs and is the mother of 6 children.

Sometimes it's Jack Frost who gets a hug.
Susie from the dining room is wise. 
Jack's here all year 'round.

Other times it's Santa. Cora takes care of prescription needs and takes good care of us.

Janice is an important nurse who worked here a long time, retired, then missed us enough to return to work.

Juan is one of the skilled cooks in the kitchen and one of two Juans on the staff.

I think this is Conrad. His look-alike brother works on the nursing staff, too, and their mother before them.

Carlos is in charge of the Maintenance and Housekeeping crews.

Verjik waits tables and is always jolly.

Daffodale brought her son, Wyatt, to the festivities.

All mothers are beautiful.
Wyatt is especially fortunate in that respect.
I call this "Waiting for Santa"
Taken in December, 2010


  1. Waiting for Santa. Santa waiting. Good.

    I'm waiting up for Santa.
    I hope he'll be here soon.
    He may be rather late tonight
    because there is no moon.
    My nighty is too short for me.
    I'm cold, that's why I shake.
    Won't Santa be surprised to see
    A little girl awake!

    MJ said 'Aunt Eva' taught her that for the church Christmas show when she was three. I NEVER heard her say it until after she was in the 'home'. She would recite it on request and hundreds of folks just loved it. Ha.
    John in Illinois

  2. Yes and no, Virginia, there's no easy answer...

  3. Great to see the staff! Have a great weekend !
    A Non Y Mouse

  4. You provide endless evidence that you and Uncle Bob are in an exceptional facility. I'm so happy that you have both quality care and an enriching environment

  5. Hi jane how lovely to see all the wonderful staff, it seems to me to be such a happy enviroment.
    I am hoping you are both in good spirits and as well as can be expected.
    Best wishes and happy Christmas.

  6. Thankyou for sharing all those wonderful pictures of The Family at Windsor Manor, You are so right, all are very Sincere, and have a wonderful work ethic, Guests also are treated in the same manner.
    Seasons Greetings, and a Healthy, Prosperous New year, to all our Friends across the Pond,
    Sheila and Harvey. (alias The Wrinklies)

  7. It's a really special place where you live.

  8. This is another beautiful post.It shows how much you appreciate the work done by all the people who are near you in your residence.
    Another great way to share your Christmas with us. Thanks, jane