Tuesday, July 5, 2011


HERE WE ARE ON JULY 5TH with memories of the 4th still vivid in our ebbing minds. The Manor celebrated with a barbecue on the patio. Because we had an invitation for dinner later in the day, we knew, from experience, that we shouldn't partake of a noontime meal, but as appointed photographers we were beholden to capture some of the goings-on. Calling on all of our self-discipline we ventured out, cameras in hand and this is what we saw.

How, I ask you, could we resist? The fact of the matter is that we couldn't. Out of all that was offered, I selected only a piece of chicken and a small wedge of watermelon for each of us. (All on one plate made walking possible; then we divided it up at our table.) No potato salad, no baked beans, no corn on the cob, no coleslaw, no ice cream sandwich. I think I really practiced restraint.

 Residents are very much into dressing the part for holidays and it's fun to see the different outfits. I must admit that I was no exception in selection of what to wear and even Mr. Bob's shirt sported flags.

Soon enough it was time to head up the hill to celebrate with Diane and Roger. Tim drove (how I love sitting in the passenger seat rather than behind the wheel) and our friend, Fiona, arrived ahead of us. All of these people are superb hosts....it puts us to shame. Diane decorates
the house to the nth degree for each season and she knows that presentation is everything (I tend to leave the milk carton on the table).

Three salads, a scoop of egg salad, tuna and a rice salad simulated a banana split. Freshly baked croissants were passed and we enjoyed and laughed and talked, enjoying each other's company. The meal ended with root beer floats. We're old enough to refer to them as "black cows", a term that seems old-fashioned somehow.

Note to self: At gatherings, be sure to gather everyone for a group picture, no matter how inconvenient it seems at the time. I didn't yesterday, and I'm sorry not to have recorded the event better.
The hostess, who worked the hardest, never appeared in a photo! Unforgivable, on my part.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye and get ourselves back to the Manor. How lucky we are to live here and to have such fine, creative friends and family to ensure that our holidays are doubly festive.

"When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you've got plenty to watch."


  1. Another lovely post, Jane. It sounds like it was a magical day, and you captured it exquisitely, as always.

  2. Mr. Bob is really looking spiffy!!!

  3. Wow ! Great post is right !

    A Non Y Mouse

  4. This is real nice -- to see Bob looking so well, the fun decorations in both places, the food (salad banana split, wow!) and that you all got together for the day. Feeling lucky? Yes, you are.