Friday, July 15, 2011


IF YOU WERE TO ASK US, we'd say that Mr. Bob came through the three days of chemotherapy just fine this time. The seven hour session on Tuesday did seem to go on and on, but after a good nap, he was ready for a normal evening. Wednesday and Thursday were one hour visits and they seemed to go well.

This is Flavio, who weighs the
patient in and draws blood.
Doesn't he look a little

Normally, Mr. Bob comes home and crawls into bed after he's had his treatment, but yesterday was our day for the cleaning woman so he didn't choose to  nap. Instead he went to the laundry room with me and used his camera when I lost consciousness during the drying cycle. Often my head nods, but I seem to be bent double in this less than flattering shot. It was a deep sleep........that, I know.

 And yes, we attended the monthly birthday dinner last evening

and yes, Mr. Bob had a glass of champagne (I resisted and chose sparkling cider instead).

As we went to bed last night we chortled at the idea of sleeping in this morning. For days we'd risen early for the 7 a.m. home nurse visit, for early chemo appointments. But at 6 a.m. I heard a tapping at the door and then a key turning in the lock. No one had told us to expect a protime visit. To say we were chagrined would be putting it mildly.

We've been useless the rest of today. Lethargy has set in. I can understand why Mr. Bob is exhausted, but my own lassitude has me puzzled. I would say that today was a total waste of make-up, except that I never gathered the energy to apply any.


  1. I can TOTALLY see why you'd both be exhausted. Such an emotional roller coaster, and certainly physical duress. You two are such troopers. I hope you both get a chance to rest up. You surely deserve it.

  2. You're simply in this thing together - you'll have to watch each other, eh? Still, while I appreciate your shared condition, I miss you.
    Fake French friend

  3. Taked good care of Max and Jane !

    A Non Y Mouse

  4. And yet you were still able to put together another informative, interesting, engaging post. You DO know that caregivers are equally involved and taxed by the process, right? XO

  5. Exhausting, the business of loving each other and being brave and enduring and just getting through the days.

    I send you my love, always an abstract concept, and my continuing offer, quite real and not theoretical, to do errands or help you do errands or fill in the blank.


  6. Oh yes....6am start means someone had to get up early o be at your door....Good thing is once they are can rest again! I think that way when my cat is able to wake me at his usual of 430am! He forgot my restaurant 4.00 am wake ups ended 4 years ago!

  7. It made me exhausted just to read it! Hang in there!

  8. Susan H writes: Love the comment today was a waste of make-up. I have many days like that. I insist on wearing it as a wellness tools, but many days it didn't matter if I had any on anyway. When I don't wear mascara and go somewhere people ask if I'm sick, hmmm. I think dad is just so cute without hair, falvio doesn't have hair either, is that due to working around the chemicals? He looks jolly and would be a good person to start the process with.