Tuesday, July 19, 2011


REST ASSURED, I looked it up to be sure, and that's a perfectly good word for "buildings". I miss, more than anything, getting out and about with my camera. When I had the luxury of being a passenger, Mr. Bob frequently expressed surprise at the results of my "drive by shootings" as we drove through neighborhoods at the posted speed limits (or, truth to tell, at a little above). I mention this as a way to defend my use of photos from the archives (29,802 of them to be exact) for these blog entries.

Nowadays, not only is my driving range limited but I go the same places over and over and it takes a miracle to find something photo-worthy when I'm stopped at red lights. So, here from my past, are some buildings I found interesting enough to click the shutter:
This was a lovely house that we rented in Cambria for a week, along with our son and his family. Happy days, those were.

Paper sculpture fascinates me. Not enough to learn to do it, but I'm of the opinion that an appreciative audience is important in the arts.

Very Hollywood, which is exactly where I spotted this.

I swear that this Glendale skyscraper is listing and when I drive past it, I do so quickly while holding my breath.

In high rise apartments, I'm always interested in noting who are the gardeners among the tenants.

San Francisco, of course. If you enlarge this (a double click should do the trick) you can see the little Balinese dancer.

A view from the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland. I suspect it was a Nanny and her charge. I love the opportunity to wave and have a greeting acknowledged with a return wave.

I can only imagine what could be done with that little space. A few plants, a couple of chairs; perhaps an umbrella?

Another Hollywood structure painted in a somewhat gaudy manner. It changes frequently, in the way that Hollywood marriages often do.

I'll end with a story I've told before about the time our eldest was working with me in the bookshop and I'll never forget the wide-eyed expression of embarrassment and horror on his face as he heard me say to a customer that I thought perhaps an appropriate toy for her son might be an erection set. It's a matter of semantics.


  1. It is likely that your blog today got the second-largest number of clicks on it, ever! Hee hee. (And the first would be the ones About How Bob Is).


  2. Susan H writes: And I thought this was going to be about erector sets.

  3. California is a cornucopia of funky architecture, which your artful eye affirms. I am also thinking about erector sets.

  4. Loved all the pics and words and your archives!

  5. That's funny. Love the photos. Kids say amazing things, too, though--I remember when a priest was visiting our house once as kids, and my brother, about 7 at the time, observing the priest cough after eating, told the guy to "remember to masturbate your food."

  6. That was funny. Kids!!! Also, that building does look like it is leaning....whoa.....