Monday, July 18, 2011


  • AT 3 a.m. Mr. Bob awakened me complaining of a sharp pain in his right lung.
  • I called the nurse who came up immediately and decided that it was most probably a severe case of indigestion. Antacid and 7-up eased his discomfort.
  • After sleeping propped up in bed for weeks, it had been the first time he had decided to sleep flat.
  • The nurse suggested that he sleep in his recliner for the rest of the night.
  • I sat up with him for a while before deciding to go back to bed.
  • As I sleepily eased myself onto our unusually high mattress (what were we thinking when we bought it years ago?) the bed thudded to the floor. 
  • Back to the sofa I went, where I lay awake until dawn's early light.
  • Our collective mood is not exactly sunny this morning.

"Don't tell your friends about your indigestion. "How are you" is a greeting, not a question. "
                                                                                  Arthur Guiterman 


  1. Susan writes: ugh, heart burn is the worst, well having your bed collapse beneath you is probably worse. No excuses - Bob and Jane get a new bed. They make fancy ones that you can control each side independently up, down, tilted, the works. You two deserve a bigger better bed!

  2. oh my....what a night. I sure hope both of you get rest today. I must say that when i was there last week, it was nice to see the two of you up and about! Today though, it is good to hear that a nurse was just a call away. A grand benefit of living at the "Manor". I wish you a good nights sleep tonight and a grand nap today!

  3. Ach! Your eyes must feel like the Sandman came, but that he scrubbed the sand into your eyes rather than delivering needed sleep. Brains, similarly. Going without sleep feels like a moderately bad hangover. So I send you my sympathies and hope for better everything tonight. And tomorrow. And after that. Et cetera.



  4. Who can you get mad at in the middle of the night when your mate is ailing and the damn bed doesn't care how you curse it?!?!? Inanimate objects!! Can't hurt their feelings!! Well!?!? Since we are the be. group -- I guess you have the right to be grumpy, mad as hell, pissed off and whatever expressions we can come up with which helps vent our fury!! An investment in a new bed might be more than you have energy with which to tackle right now. Since I sleep in my tilt back chair most of the time I understand - at least Bob has a place to sleep right now. But you need a place to lay your head!! What a night!! You will recover - but what a shitty way to spend a night! Love, E.

  5. You've written many times about that bed--maybe it is a message that it's time to break down and get a new one. So glad Bob is ok and that they could determine what was causing him such discomfort, anyway. I hope you both managed to get some rest--you've been through a lot and deserve a good night's sleep. xo

  6. And yet, in spite of extreme fatigue, you were able to "reach out and touch." Wish we could do the same for you. Take care. At least sending out positive thoughts. XO

  7. May I suggest Zegerid? MMMMMMM!

  8. I vote for a new bed!



  9. ha,could that distress been caused by those onions (animal style)I saw you chowing on a In-n_out..the other night..??? Oh the price we pay for ya