Saturday, July 9, 2011


ALAS, I AM NOT A STUDENT OF THE BIBLE, but I remember that Samson's strength was insured by a luxurious head of hair. I've long admired Mr. Bob's hair.....delighting in how it became more silver with each haircut, and when it began to fall out after his first 3 day session of chemotherapy, it appeared that he was losing the darker strands and the resulting nearly white locks were very handsome, indeed.

But the day came when the thinning, moth-eaten looking head of hair needed attention and he decided to go to the salon on the Lower Level and hasten the process. "Take pictures!", I said, as he left for the elevator.

Judy cut his hair as short as possible without actually shaving it, and we quite liked the result. So did most of the residents. To one lady who is legally blind, Mr. Bob suggested that she come feel his head when she was through with supper. Upon doing so, her delight came as quite a surprise.

I posted this picture in an email and sent it to all 3 of our children, titling it "Dad's new look". Tim responded,

"I really love it! Did it all fall out or did he shave it?"

Susan is either out of town or away from her computer, for we've not had her reaction yet.

Mischievous from birth, Christopher, remembering Mr. Bob's loathing of Elvis, sent this our way:

Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man - there's your diamond in the rough. 
                                                                                          ~     Larry David


  1. Oh, my gosh! That first picture in the mirror was Grandpa's head! Beautiful, silver locks definitely run in the family. Lee also sported a full mane of silver hair which thinned appreciably as he progressed through chemo. Interestingly, much of his regrowth is dark--and curly! Be careful what you wish for.

  2. I quite like Mr. Bob's new look...such a handsome fellow.
    Cheers, Timi

  3. He looks a lot like Andy Rooney in that last shot. Well, the second to last shot...

  4. GREAT !!!!! Hi MAX

    A Non Y Mouse

  5. I've always been partial to balding, bald, and silver haired men. Wouldn't you know I married a man who even at the age of 55 still has a full head of dark locks and isn't likely to lose them anytime soon. I love the Elvis look since I remember reading recently that Mr. Bob doesn't like him. You Humphreys are so clever!


  6. I remember when we talked Jim into letting his sister "buzz cut" the hair that was remaining after a week of it coming out in clumps. I liked the look, so much better then the few clumps that were left while he was on chemo. Because his head was so cold, he collected quite a few fancy "do-rags" ~ the tie about your head things. They worked although months after the chemo was done, he in remission, I came home to find him wearing a treasured National Geo head scarf and I couldn't take it. The memory of how sick he was and that look connected so in my head that I had to insist that he remove it at once.
    I think Bob looks good and I am hopeful that you will both hang tight to the love you share.
    All our best to you two!
    Jill & Jim

  7. Wow--he looks fabulous! I think he's a very nice looking man, anyway, so he looks great! He may decide he wants to keep that look. I felt really bad hearing that he was going to start losing his hair, but man--he looks wonderful! The Elvis photo is a riot.

  8. I think he's cute hairy or hairless!

    Love, Shelley

  9. I truly loved seeing Mr. Bob laughing as he was recording his salon process!!! What a handsome devil...with or without a full crop of hair!! T.O. Joanne

  10. Bon soir Bob
    Tant pis, sweets. I prefer the Elvis look myself - maybe there's a transplanting [i.e., gluing hair to scalp] that you could try?! Kidding but seriously - did you ever see Andy Warhol's wig-head screw system....blech! You're handsomer than ever.
    Your fake French friend

  11. Rocking the new look, Mr. Bob!!!!

    I don't know how we will tell you and Bruce Willis apart now!

  12. Good times Bob! Wow. Sporting the bald look or the Elvis or for that matter the usual long locks. Splendid all three!!!

  13. This is one of those steps that need be...