Friday, July 1, 2011


PRESUMABLY SO WE WON'T GET BORED, the Manor schedules events every once in a while as a departure from the dailyness of our routine of eating, napping, eating, sleeping. Seriously, almost every day there are optional activities it an exercise class, a musical program, a memory workshop. Or one can avail oneself of the craft room or the library and so forth. 

But last week a Casino night was staged. Play money was distributed and Mr. Bob came out of his room in Skilled Nursing and the fun started. In the beginning he circulated around the room, taking pictures for the Manor photo album, but soon enough he decided to join our director, Michael, at the craps table.

For a game he claims not to like, he had a remarkably good time. Maybe it was just good to stretch his legs and throw the pair of dice after three weeks of bed rest.

Bingo was played on the patio. The weather was perfect.

For that evening the Manor lounge took on the appearance of a non-smoking casino in one of the Las Vegas hotels. I suspect we'll no longer be indulging in that real guilty pleasure which we used to do once in a while. Just as well, I suppose, that we're now limited to using play money and turning in at 8:30 rather than staying up until tomorrow.

There was even a lounge singer who could barely be heard above the din of gambling, but he didn't seem to mind. Mr. Bob asked where he headlined and his answer was "Windsor Manor".

"If you ain't just a little scared when you enter a casino, you are either very rich or you haven't studied the games enough."
                                  ~VP Pappy


  1. Waiting for Wayne Newton and nearly naked dancers.

  2. I'm impressed with Bob getting right into the thick of things again! Wow--he's pretty amazing. Nice photos. It sounds like fun; I'm hoping the two of you can relax a bit.