Sunday, January 1, 2012


The editor of the Manor's monthly newsletter passed away recently and I was asked to be a guest editor. What follows is my first column.

It’s a privilege to be invited to stand in as “guest editor” in the place vacated by Doris Sisley. Bear with me as I feel my way along searching for subjects that may interest you. 

It’s been many years since my little, malaprop-prone daughter flounced her way into the kitchen one New Year’s Day morning, twirling in her constant-motion way and announcing “Well, has everybody made their revolutions?” 

I thought that decisions for 2012 might be a good subject for my first (oh, please don’t let it be my last) column. Resolutions. 

Here are some of the responses from residents..............

Leona responded with.....”Oh, no, my whole life is a resolution. I’m trying all the time.”

Evelyn Robison said she will take advantage of every opportunity she possibly can to have fun.

Mary Arnold has lots of resolutions, but none that she wants published. 

“To continue with my poetry”, said Anne Van Trigt.

“I wish the world health” from Victor.

Art Edwards and Mary Jane Lennert told me at dinner that they resolve not to make resolutions.

Our executive director, Mr. Michael, resolves to laugh more.

Midge Fuller, after reading from our Manor library, "Getting Rid of Clutter", is resolving to reduce her clutter by half.

Jeanne Guernsey said she never has made resolutions and doesn’t plan to start now.

I struck gold with retired Pastor Rudy Kronst who said,
“I’ll try to have more patience with my wife and more insight with the patients at  Huntington Hospital where I volunteer as a chaplain. With a congregation I came to know the people, at the hospital the people are ever new.”

Marian Deddo-Smith  and Ken Moore were leaving the dining room when I approached them with my question. At first they vowed that they don’t indulge in making resolutions, then Ken changed it to hoping to maintain his indepencence throughout 2012. Marion held firm. No resolutions.

Gladys and Bob Humphrey had nearly identical answers:
Gladys Harris:  “I don’t make resolutions; they’re too easy to break.”
Mr. Bob Humphrey:  “The futility of trying to keep resolutions in the past prevents my making new ones."

Lorraine Dolan: “What I’m going to do is be more active whether it hurts or not.”

Joan Brooks is determined to smile more.

Simone vows to lose 5 pounds;  2 in the front and 3 in the back or was it the other way around?

As for me, I’m vowing to eat less (in the hope of losing far more than 5 pounds), chew longer, start myself a Windsor Manor sketchbook and begin keeping a Gratitude Journal.

Our little Susan may have spoken words of wisdom after all. In a way, even if we don't indulge in making resolutions, we all make what could be termed "revolutions" as the year ends and we turn, figuratively, to start the ascent into the next year, climbing the ladder, month by month. A word of caution: often, falls occur when we oldsters turn without watching our feet. Cuidado, my friends and a Happy New Year to each and every one of you!


  1. A wonderful start to both the new year and to the newsletter. I'm certain it will not be your last post.
    On the topic of resolutions (or revolutions) and their futility...from my valued copy of Q & A a Day, the question is posted on January 2, "Can people change?"

  2. Happy New Year to you and Bob. Within that greeting is my resolution: happiness. Continued healing to you both.

  3. Pretty good, for a cub reporter. Are you ready for the city hall beat?

  4. Love it! Your family is a delight and as real as how you write! I look forward to a 5 yr plan in book form to see my life unfold. That is a resolution of mine!

  5. I'm one of those who always breaks my resolutions by March but I still feel it's important to set goals. I'm with you this year...losing weight is a goal, but not at the expense of losing enjoyment. That's a pretty difficult balance to find. T.O.Joanne

  6. Sketches of manor's goings on would be great. Love your sketches!! Did you see the article in this morning's LATimes "Parade" on Thank you's and gratitude....very relevant. Too often we forget to focus on the things we should be grateful for....that would be a good resoluteion....rusti

  7. Bob and Jane, Have a joyous and healthy New Year. God Bless. Gloria and George

  8. Susan Humphrey writes: my revolution is to live in the moment. stop eyeballing bridges and continue to write my gratitude list.

  9. You are the perfect choice for "guest editor". Your fan base will grow with each column as you are an excellent, entertaining writer! Love, Shelley