Saturday, June 4, 2011


THE OUTPOURING of good wishes for Mr. Bob's recovery has been amazing. I take him verbal expressions from the residents and staff every time I visit and carry to him any cards which have been slipped under our door. You've been privy to the heartfelt comments left on our blog entries. One envelope came in the mail from a friend/blog follower and look how well she understood the name change to our living that we're the envelope bore several "be" messages. Headquarters would be pleased that an outsider understands the change so well.

Cards and phone calls have poured in and today Mr. Bob emailed me a picture of flowers that had arrived. From whom? Sent by Val, a lovely lady we've never met in person, but a follower of not only our web log, but also our flickr photostream. It's a little mind boggling, to say the least, to get flowers from a friend in Pennsylvania ....someone we've yet to meet. Mr. Bob thanks you, Val. What a sweet surprise!

The family has gathered. Chris and his wife and son had plans to come down long before Mr. Bob was brought to his knees and rushed to the hospital. They had plans to attend the Star Wars concert at the Hollywood Bowl because four-year-old Owen is  currently fixated with the subject. When the tickets were ordered it was with the idea that Mr. Bob would attend, too, but our Susan, flying in from Alaska took his place. She made the executive decision to come down to advocate for us.........she being of a generation which isn't afraid to speak up for adequate service from nurses. I never thought of taking a washcloth to the hospital so the patient could have a nice, warm face wash. The nurses hadn't thought of it within the past week, either. Susan to the rescue!

I'm afraid Humphrey humor tends to be bawdy, and Chris snapped this picture which shows the shortage of seating arrangements in the hospital room. Susan wants me to assure you that the seat is down on the bedside commode. And for the record, Mr. Bob absolutely refuses to have anything to do with it, so I'm glad it's getting some use because the charge for it will appear on our bill.
Even Ms. Susan can't work the miracle of arranging to talk to the doctor so we'll have to wait until next week to find out the results of the biopsies which means another long weekend of confinement. "Thou shall keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee." Amen.


  1. hello all ! Hi Max especially ! stay strong !

    A Non Y Mouse

  2. I'm glad the flowers were delivered today and added some cheer. The original order had been for flowers arranged to look like an old fashioned ice cream soda like the one you'd blogged about a few weeks ago--small red flower "cherry" on top :)--but the florist called this morning to say they were out of the needed vase. This arrangement looks pretty, though. I'm glad. :)

    How great that you all are surrounded by family and so much love. Susan sounds especially thoughtful. Isn't it funny how it all boils down to the basics--love and a warm washcloth? :)



  3. P.S.) "Be.clever" about the envelope! That's great. :)

  4. We're hanging in there with you and Bob. I appreciate these dispatches.

  5. So touching to know that people are so thoughtful. I'm glad to see photos of Bob and his kids rallying around him. That does MY heart good, so I'm sure it must be wonderful for you all. Please let bob know he's in my thoughts and I hope you all get good news very soon.

    Val's flowers are gorgeous--sunny and baeutiful.

  6. Okay. Bon soir.
    I'm dancing around my tiny living room, heal, heal, heel toe, heal, heal, Mr. Camera..heal, heal. And so on... tell me if that does it, huh?

  7. I am here too thinking of Bob and his recovery. I know hospitals r not restful so wishing him rest??? Yet... the flowers the be.grateful for cards part of the blog and the no matter what... keep your and prayers for stable and good recovery ahead...

  8. I have a feeling that many of us are sending Mr. Bob virtual bouquets in the shape of a sundae!!!! Sweet thought, Val!!!!! Bob, that sweetness is sent on to you!!!!!

    Love and a warm washcloth! (Thanks, Susan, we'll all remember THAT as well!!!)

  9. Susan writes: I feel very fortunate to be here, Jill for her Alaska miles, two new bosses sending me off to California with well wishes. I am grateful, grateful! I advocate well because of my parental journey with son Justin his many surgeries and hospital visits. The type of work I've had the privilege doing in Alaska. I have been taught well by many And I love my Dad.

  10. Best wishes for a Speedy recovery Mr Bob, from across the Pond.
    Two Wrinklies.

  11. What a wonderful time for all of you.... What a blessing
    to have family close anytime... but especially at a time like this.

    Cheers to all!

    from XUPS

  12. It's great that Susan and Chris are here! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Shelley

  13. Healing thoughts. Healing thoughts. Healing thoughts.

    The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
    Hubert H. Humphrey

  14. So glad that all of the family can be with you. Nothing more healing or comforting. Keeping you all in our thoughts.

  15. Modern technology is really wonderful - you can tell us all at once, the state of things and get back numerous expressive and touching love notes from your blog-friends and share them with Bob.

    Old fashioned prayers are still in vogue, however, and some come your way from neighbor #409.