Wednesday, June 8, 2011


WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER of emotions the last couple of days have been and I am not a fan of carnival rides. One minute I'm "up" and feeling positive and in no time I can find myself in a puddle of tears. The caring and support here at the Manor is a wonderful thing to experience, but at the same time it's a bit overwhelming to deal with so much interest all at once.

Mr. Bob almost seems perfectly well, except for needing oxygen. A team of five doctors has been put together and it's been determined that it's a stage 3 case with which they're dealing. The implantation of a port was scheduled for tonight, but the doses of Vitamin K he'd been given to counteract the Coumadin he takes had not quite gotten his blood to coagulate as quickly as was wanted, so the procedure was rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 7.

In the middle, the friend who volunteers
at the hospital and who was responsible
for bringing the doctor to meet me.
Having family with us has been such a gift. In fact, without their presence and support, I couldn't have functioned the past two weeks. Once Tim and Susan talked to Patient Services about the lack of sponge baths and bed changes, things changed and
without their concern, I'd not have had the presence of mind to insist on those services. I
think it's a generational thing (except that the family next door was constantly making demands with results).

We've laughed, we've wept and we've exchanged more hugs than we've shared in forever. 

What a strange and wondrous thing that a situation such as the one we're going through, brings out those precious times.

Poor precious; I've noticed more than once Mr. Bob's hospital issued socks get turned around so that the portion which makes them non-slip has worked its way around to the top of his feet. It's love that makes us adjust them so that we won't lose him to a fall. 

At noon dinnertime, when Susan and I came home for a break, so many people asked about Mr. Bob's condition that I finally shortened my answer to "He went into the hospital two weeks ago with congestive heart failure and he'll be back home tomorrow with lung cancer." Blunt, but concise. And as Edith Ann used to say, "And that's the truth".

One's family is the most important thing in life. I look at it this way: One of these days I'll be over in a hospital somewhere with four walls around me. And the only people who'll be with me will be my family.
                                                                                                                                        Robert C. Byrd 


  1. In pictures and words, you have painted a perfect portrait of LOVE, the essence of life.

    Bless you all.

  2. And that's the truth....

    Just spend the time you all have
    Even when it's difficult, or un-fun, these are moments we'll never get back.

    Happy you have your family with you, I've always said 'without family where would you be? I mean really? who loves you this much...'

    Peace & comfort to you all

  3. Oh, Jane.

    And what a quote at the end there.

  4. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on
    Thee." Perfect peace about all of the tomorrows. What a gift
    to have your children and that adorable Owen so close. I still say
    if any of my grandchidren had been that adorable I would have stopped
    having them!


  5. God hath not promised
    Skies always blue
    Flower -strewn pathways
    All our lives through
    God hath not promised
    Sun without rain
    Joy without sorrow
    Peace without pain
    But God hath promised
    Strength for the day
    Rest for the labor
    Light for the way
    Grace for the trials
    Help from above
    Unfailing sympathy
    Undying Love

    Annie Johnson Flint

  6. What a nice addition today as every day! Stay strong. Know that yo are thought of often. Hi Max.
    A Non Y Mouse

  7. I'm so glad your family is with you. What a wonderful loving comfort they are. BIG HUGS to YOU and Mr. BOB!!! <3

  8. It's these times that we remember the preciousness of every single moment. For some reason I haven't been getting the prompts that you've posted, so I'll just come here every day to check. Hugs to all. I'm tearing up again this post, Jane.

  9. I know you'll both be strong enough to make the most of Bob's return home,enjoy and laugh together with all the love you share !
    And some from me, Suzan.

  10. Being surrounded by love and concern is truly a blessing. You and Mr. Bob remain in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sending you both a big hug. T.O. Joanne

  11. Thanks Janie for keeping us all up to speed, and such thoughtful pic`s of socks, hospital equipment, loving friends and a breathalizer. Looking forward to getting Mr. Bob back at the Dinner Table and the magic Wok and stealing his fortune cookie.....! We love you both !

  12. What a gift you are giving to all of us with your love filled pictures and the words in which you share with us the truth. Again... such grace.
    Love and hugs...Timi

  13. You kill me, noticing those socks. Yes they do turn around. The pairs I took home did, too. They may be made that way...but why?

    Wait til we see that man... if he sticks his nose out of Respite, we'll be waiting to pounce. But gently. Because you've kept us in the loop. Thank you for that.

    Room #409

  14. Thank you Jane for all the honesty in this post. I love the family is all there and sharing all the love with Dad in all the ways they can.... I am praying as are the others from your blog and that prayer is for your peace and sanity and for the Doctors to do what they do.....I moved someone today from Kensington Scripps and the lady across the way, Edna Stein, is moving your way to the Windsor!! Told her to look out for you and to be aware her picture may be taken by you or your Husband Bob....The best Bob in all the land!