Monday, June 6, 2011


 SOME DIVERSIONS were more than welcome the past few days. Chris, Frances and Owen enjoyed the Star Wars concert at the Hollywood Bowl and it worked out for Susan to use the ticket originally intended for Mr. Bob.

From Alaska, Susan brought a lightsabre for Owen and some Princess Leia hair buns for Frances to wear. I love how you can see the lighted weapons in the photo Chris took that evening.

The next day Owen was moved to report his impressions of the concert in full detail. I suspect he'll remember it the rest of his life.

Before the Northern California family headed back home, we had quite a fest of picture taking. Owen's learning the craft of photography early in his life.

We've been more than a little concerned about the lack of nursing care in the hospital. What happened to the idea of a daily bath? It's no longer routine, at least at this hospital and my bone of contention is that a patient and family should be advised to ask when such attention is desired. Susan's desire to be a patient advocate was put to the test the last couple of days. She's had lots of experience over the years with her younger son's special medical needs.

All right. Here's the latest.........It seems that malignancy was detected in the tests administered last Thursday, so it's time to stiffen our upper lips so our faces don't crumple in fright and sadness. Eleven days of staying in bed has threatened to turn Mr. Bob into an invalid, so it was good to see him taking a few steps out of his room today, with the help of a technician in charge of oxygen. He'd been told, in no uncertain terms, not to get out of bed to use the bathroom. He's a man of his own mind and taking his oxygen with him, he's disobeyed the instructions with every call of Nature. Chris snapped this picture, entitling it "Bathroom Break".  We'll continue to look for these little amusing moments and bring them to the web log, all the while hoping you'll continue to give us the interested support you've expressed so far, as we embark on this next journey. You've no idea how precious your involvement is to lifts us up. Thank you for that.


  1. I have to say Mr. Bob look cheery, and that's wonderful. So great to see Susan and Chris and I know, Tim (though not in photos this time), there with such support.
    All the best to you. Chins UP, always!

  2. How can I help? Love, Shelley

  3. Bon soir, dear prince. Well, nitty gritty, it is; and, once more, I'll mention that a lot of people are here to support Bob and family, abd we're, me, relentless.. so watch out! I'm still doing the heel to toe routine.. and I'm exhausted. Tomorrow..sweet dreams tonight.

  4. This blog represents an honest portrait of a very authentic American family.

    Thank you for sharing the nitty gritty. It speaks loudly and we stand with you.

    The quote today was precious.

  5. Now we know what Bob's body is dealing with. Now they know what treatments to prescribe. Maintaining our hope for the best is our current job!! What we are looking for is what we are apt to find! So let's look for and plan for the best possible outcome of treatment!! Let's let go of doom and gloom. The power of positive thinking is REALLY POSITIVE!! And POWERFUL!! Much love and best possible wishes!! Tell this to Bob!! Evelyn R.

  6. The quote today (which I put into the notification email, but not always into the day's entry was:

    "Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons."
    ~Ruth Ann Schabacker

  7. A minister friend of mine, in another city, posted on Facebook the outcome of his wife's surgery. That's what the web does so well...delivers a message to the friends who want to know and are afraid to ask for fear of bothering you. And if we have access to a blog like this, we can let you see how much we care, are praying for dearest Mr. Bob and Miss Jane. Somehow, I cannot see this as being so's just not possible. But we are by your side, whatever comes your way. Love from your neighbor #409.

  8. Love and best wishes to all of you from England.

  9. Stiff upper lip under a Flabby chin Mr Bob!!!We bet Owen,Francis,Susan and Chris, gave a better lift, than any Nasty old medicine.
    No more moaning about our National Health!!!.
    Your Friends, The Wrinklies, from across the Pond.

  10. Jane and Bob, I tried to post twice but must be doing something wrong, so here you are:

    I have stiffened my upper lip, and mustered a quantity of warranted optimism. And stand ready to drive, deliver, and etcetera. Love from Lynne

  11. It goes without saying.... but, it's better to say!


    Chris shows great wit in his photography.

    You are an extra ordinary family, one and all.

    Bob, you remain be.loved

  12. Dear Jane, every day I open my e-mail, waiting to hear from Mr Bob and all your family.
    I would like to send you all my love in these moments from this distant corner of the world!

  13. Oh, man. Nitty-Gritty, indeed. I remember when, a year ago, my sister called me with similar news. I agree with all those who say positive thoughts go a long way. You and Bob will be in my thoughts daily. Your humor and grace will help you through all of this. Your photos make me smile and tear up, simultaneously. I wish everyone knew about your blog, Jane--it's most uplifting. Please let Bob know I'm rooting for him.

  14. We're here for you all. Just call, God send his angels to you.
    Susie and Bill

  15. Hi Max ! keep strong! You too Jane !

    A Non Y Mouse

  16. How upsetting the lack of care at the hospital must be. Perhaps there are other options/places for Mr. Bob's course of treatment? Regardless of where you are or what is happening, you both have many hands that hope to lift you up or hold you, whichever need is greater at the moment. You've both touched so many people ... around the globe!

    denise f in c'ville va

  17. LaVona just explained to me that Max is a secret code word between Bob and LaVona, so I am comforted and will keep my lips sealed.

  18. Thinking of you all and praying for you.
    Let us know what you need!

  19. Dear Bob and Jane....I'm sending a million trillion hugs your way. Please know how much all your friends appreciate the grace and bravery in which you shared the nitty gritty. So much love from Timi and Bob.

  20. Praying for you Uncle Bob.. and for the entire family!!

  21. Well, as someone else said, now you know what it is and can start dealing/healing with specifics.

    Isn't life something--one day, normal life at home and the next day, Hospital Life. So many adjustments for you all. I hope Bob's back at the Manor with you soon, Jane. :)

    Owen is adorable.

    You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.



  22. Hello Janie,
    We were so sorry to read about the results of Bob's biopsy test.
    Right now both of you and your kids are feeling numb with the news.
    Having your family around you is the best support group of all.

    The doctors will be preparing a 'course of treatment', as they label it.
    Whatever is planned Bob and you will face head-on.

    There has been so much advancement in the treatment of cancer.
    Bob is in great health so that should help him withstand the chemo/radiation

    We have been down this road before and know that it is possible to have
    the tumor disappear. Good doctors along with a loving family and friends
    will help you get through this 'bump in the road'.

    Who said life would be easy?

    Judy and Jim