Wednesday, June 29, 2011


WHEN WE WALK FROM THE PARKING LOT to our home in the Manor, this is what we see this time of year......agapanthus aplenty. And aren't they pretty?
Everywhere we step foot on the grounds, there's something lovely to see and there is no season without flowers blooming here. 

My dream garden would be filled with blue and purple blooms.

On Tuesday a registered nurse came to acquaint us with the services his company can provide for the next two months. It came as a surprise to us, naive souls that we are.

The nurse came at 7 a.m. to leave plenty of time for us to get up the hill to see the cardiologist. I like to go in when Mr. Bob sees each extra pair of ears never hurt anything. I pass myself off as his interpreter. Dr. S. was pleasantly surprised to see that the patient wasn't in need of oxygen. He had predicted that it might be something he'd need the rest of his life.

The higher the hair, the closer
to God. That mop will
settle down once I sleep
on it.
Today's calendar square showed another doctor's appointment, this time with the oncologist. Rather than an expected weight loss, Mr. Bob had gained 2 pounds and the technician wondered aloud who was doing the cooking. I admitted that my persuasion had resulted in some meals that otherwise the patient would have skipped.
The doctor found that Bob's port needed attention. The
stitches were the type that dissolve in water whereas the nurses had been carefully covering the area before he showered.

The clinic nurse spent quite a bit of time sorting out Mr. Bob's many pills. She divides them up and I'm the one to remind him to take them throughout the day.

This busy Wednesday came to a close with the delivery of an oxygen concentrator for use during the night. The man who brought it bore the name of Angel, which I thought fitting and proper. I neglected to take a picture of the physical therapist who visited. We resonated with her as our present situation (and some of our life story) unfolded and there were times that tears welled up in her eyes. She said she'd never before cried during a call to a patient.

We're quite ready to call it a day.


  1. No doubt everyone meeting the two of you during this challenging time is aware of your special closeness. I'm happy you have medical help with such caring hearts.

    Hope you both have a restful sleep.

  2. Susan H writes: Bravo, advocating and being a patient in the medical maze is more than exhausting. I was pleased when talking with dad last evening that you both had an opportunity to practice your advocacy skills! I commend and love .you both

  3. Do you know what you've done? In documenting all this, you have taken the boogeyman out of it - for those of us who will encounter it next. And with pictures! It'll keep you occupied and help your older friends living with you when time comes! #409

  4. Awwww--it's so good to hear that Bob is doing better than expected in certain areas. He really looks great--you'd never know to look at him all he's been through. You both have a good gene pool, obviously. I'm glad to hear that you have some support systems in place for all that's going on, too. I love the photo of your hair--and that is a classic caption!! The agapanthus really is stunning. I love those flowers.

  5. Thank you one more time. I have used your quotes and this blue for something i send to friends.. thank you Jane for all your work!

  6. Bob from Oregon writes:
    You have always been a delite, so I shall respond as you suggest. Say hello to Bob for me. Glad he is home and better.