Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If only tears could be measured,
I wonder how many there'd be?

Do I cry because I am helpless
to keep my beloved from 
pain and discomfort?

Or are the tears shed
in self pity?

Or do I weep for the shattering 
of the us-ness
that is taking place?


Mr. Bob took these photos during his six hour dose of chemotherapy today.

The nurse reported he arrived back at the Manor completely and utterly exhausted. He goes again tomorrow for a shorter session.


  1. Thanks Max ! You have such a wonderful spirit !

    A Non Y Mouse

  2. Bless Bob's heart. What a good sport he is for taking these photos. And self-portraits are never easy in the best of times!
    I like your poem Jane, it captures your feelings so well. Your gift for words always astounds me. I am sending you both cyberspace hugs!

  3. Dear Bob

    (Please tell him if he cares to hear it) that we're with him, squeezing his hand and infusing him with love. Getting better is a tough row to hoe.

    Jane your poem is just an extraordinarily clear picture of how you feel.

  4. This is a hard road in front of you....keep up the spirits & we'll keep you in our thoughts & hearts.
    Hugs from Cali
    ~E & Chris

  5. Bob is showing what a great man he is in these most tough and stressful times.... Your poem is perfect to show how this feels....My prayers r with you two....and your family.

  6. (Somehow I cannot get my messages to "stick" on your site, so here I am simply replying to your blog.)

    I am helplessly sending love and endurance, mixed with a smile and a hug, each and all to be administered daily. And I thought doing it in a bright purple vest might keep you a bit amused.


  7. Bless you both for your spirit and your love. Even in the hardest of times you are united and blessed to have the courage and ability to share. I'm sending much love on the wings of prayer. T.O. Joanne

  8. Beautifully written, Jane, as always. Six hours for one session??! Incredible. My sister Claudia, when she was having chemo sessions, told me that she would tell herself, when it seemed unbearable, "this is fighting all the cancer that's inside of me," and that would help pull her through. Chemo is pretty grueling, but six hours seems amazing. Bob is really strong in so many ways. I hope they're crushing the cancer...xo

  9. ps
    I'm sure I'd cry for all of the above...

  10. Your posts are touching upon such vivid not-so-distant memories and experiences. Cancer treatment is a double-edged sword. It cuts the one it is healing and the one who is caring. My love and thoughts are with you both. XO

  11. I loved the poem. It made me feel as if I knew ou and knew what ou are going through. All I can say is , I can only imagine what it might feel like to go through something so straneaous as this. I dont know you guys but I want to say that Im here for you ... I'll keep him in my prayers. XOXOXOX